What you need to know about sleep, to sleep?

It is not necessary to be a morning and get up early to be alert and productive. It is necessary to study and understand the dream that is right for you.

Be owl - normally

It is believed that to get up early - this is useful. Getting up early is advised all the books to increase efficiency and every second "rule of life". It is believed that all the great people get up early. In fact, it is certainly not the case. Among the many celebrities owls (Bob Dylan, Charles Bukowski, Franz Kafka), and the direct connection between the success and rise time there. In 2016 Brian Resnick of Vox published an article under the consoling title "Science says that if you're not an early bird, it never did become." It states that the "standard" sleep schedule from 11 pm to 7 am is the natural only 40% of people.

Many people know that we all have an internal clock, which helps to maintain a constant sleep cycle. Much less is said about the fact that these clocks are different. There are owls - those whose sleep schedule is shifted forward, and there are larks - those whose schedule is shifted backward. The shift can be small, and can be extremely large - for example, 0.2% of people prefer to go to bed at about 4 am. Very often such a shift occurs in teenagers, but with age it can be gradually reduced.

The good news is that this shift is determined by our genes, and it is dangerous to argue with them: can be harmful to health. It is better to stop fighting with each other and try to determine what time of sleep suits you the most. The most common advice - shifted sleep schedule for 30-60 minutes and watch the reaction of the organism. Sometimes an extra half hour can greatly improve the situation.

Sleep duration

The optimal duration of sleep, too, everyone has their own. The average healthy person needs about 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep - 763 hours for women and 776 for men (If Our Bodies Could Talk: A Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Human Body, James Hamblin). There are people who are missing and 4 hours, but very few of them. Do not try this at home: about sleep deprivation are beginning to speak with sleep duration of less than 7 or 6.5 hours. And some for recreation need all 10 hours.

So just sleep as much as you want.

Sometimes long sleep may be a symptom of problems within the body. But if you're whole life sleeping more than eight hours on a regular basis or just slept on the weekend after the working week, then nothing to worry about. Specifically, backfilled - not a good idea, it is best to sleep each day the same number of hours in the same time. But if there was a shortage of sleep, the more prolonged sleep the next night - it is a natural reaction of the body tired.

Jet lag

After a flight from one time zone to another human circadian rhythms no longer coincide with the daily rhythm. Sleep still want at the "old" time, regardless of the time of day in the current geographic location. The greater the difference in time, the more difficult it is strongest shifted sleep schedule and longer to return to normal. Thus it is better to fly from east to west, rather than vice versa. It is believed that in the first case on every half hour time difference need one day of recovery; in the second - on every hour. For example, if the time difference is 3 hours and then during the flight to the west will need 2 days, and during the flight to the east - 3.

Straightening schedule better more relaxed way. Just do not sleep one day as possible, but it is unpleasant. Better to sleep, but a little less than usual, and then go early.

This jet lag affects not only dream, but also on appetite and mood. The best thing you can do in this situation - to monitor the regularity of meals, until the body is not ready to do it himself.

Deprivation of sleep

Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation - a lack or absence of sleep; It leads to a deterioration of the brain, bad mood, increases the risks of certain diseases. It was used for the torture, but most people will take their own recreation. Too much to do, too little time, too much influence of the outside world in our sleep schedule.

Owls particularly hard: training and working hours are usually targeted at Lark, and the rest falls under them adapt. The standard chart (5 working days, weekends 2) people do not sleep during the week, and then sleep off the weekend. This whole situation a little easier coffee, although there are the lucky ones, whose body does not react to it.

Because lack of sleep, many went into the habit, it is fairly easy to ignore - in the sense that persistent fatigue is becoming the norm. On the one hand, just think how crazy the number of people suffering from lack of sleep right now (in developed countries - around a third of the population, while the rate is higher among women). On the other - imagine how much humanity can do when just begin to get enough sleep. But to solve the problem it is necessary to first understand.

Lack of sleep can manifest itself in different ways. Constant irritability, insatiable hunger, rumpled appearance, constant illness, inattention, and the ability to fall asleep at any convenient and inconvenient time. And yet, oddly enough, you turn into an owl and feel a surge of strength closer to the night. Thus, the body tries to get you back to normal sleep, but it usually ends with the fact that you go back late and not enough sleep.

To break the vicious circle, you need a little cheat: tired at the right time. Try not to relax in the evening, not to read the book and Facebook, and do different things to the night fatigued and it was easy to fall asleep. The easiest way to do it outside the house, then to just come in and go to bed.

Owls are at risk of some diseases (obesity, depression, heart disease). The main problem here is that most owls constantly have enough sleep. Similar problems can occur and larks, if they have to work late. Therefore, if your natural sleep schedule was incompatible with work, there is only one way out: to change the schedule.

How to sleep?

There are many ways to help your body to sleep. For 1-2 hours before bedtime to turn off the TV, close the laptop and put the phone: light blue screens suppresses the production of melatonin. Approximately the same 1-2 hours to finish a job, training or other activity: the brain needs to relax and prepare for sleep. You can meditate or read a book.

Ideal conditions for sleep - cool (but not cold) room, the silence and the absence of light.

If you can not cut off all the lights and noise, you can use a mask and earplugs to sleep. Sleep best at the same time, even on the weekends. Before going to bed should not drink coffee and alcohol: the first will prevent sleep, and the second will worsen the quality of sleep. If you can not sleep more than 20 minutes, it is better to get up and do some thing, is not tired enough to try to sleep again.

To make it easier to wake up, you can try to use a smart alarm clock. Some of them are able to wake up the person with the help of light, simulating the dawn sun. Other wake us when it is easiest - in REM sleep. And over time, you can even learn to do without an alarm clock. When you sleep a sufficient number of hours, your body wakes you up myself.

The most important thing - it is to sleep when you want. And as much as you want. After all, only you know what's good for your body.