Preparations herbs can be dangerous to health

So-called safe herbal medicines can be very dangerous for the human health side effects. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia.

The Australian researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 52 studies on herbal medicines and toxicology. Many people use this type of drugs, because they are not only affordable, but also considered completely harmless to human health. It is their innocence and called into question the current study. It was found that so-called "drugs" may include toxic ingredients. In particular, scientists have found in these herbal preparations toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can cause kidney failure and severe liver damage in some users. You also can not exclude the possibility that these drugs may come in a negative reaction to these medications.

The authors emphasize that the authorities must order independent testing of the so-called "safe" herbal preparations before to allow them to enter the market. For example, researchers found that one of these drug users faced with epilepsy after receiving the Chinese herbal drug that has been designed for natural treatment of seizures. In another case in the body of the boy receives from his father's herbal vitamins Tibetan Medicine, showed dangerous levels of lead. Within 4 years, the child received 63 grams of this toxic metal.

The researchers emphasize that the drugs are even herbs that do not contain toxic chemicals or secret ingredients, can still cause complications. At the disposal of science lacks a sufficient number of studies that talked about what kind of impact have these dubious products.