Weight gain of 3 kg increases the risk of developing diabetes by 52%

Weight gain is only 3 kg over 10 years already increases the risk of diabetes by half. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK.

British researchers found that the reasons for the current epidemic of diabetes is closely linked to the weight of the majority of inhabitants of our planet. Suffice it to say that an increase in weight at the level of 3 kg over 10 years already increases the risk of Type II diabetes in more than 50%. Meanwhile, a similar increase is typical for almost all residents of Russia and many other countries. We are talking about the age interval from 30 to 60 years, in which people have traditionally put on weight. According to researchers, if a person is in the years, is able to carefully monitor the volume of your waist, then 20% of diabetes cases can be prevented.

When our body fat is stored, then it develops a resistance to insulin - a hormone that controls blood sugar levels. All this leads to the development of diabetes. Only in the UK in terms of the growing diabetes epidemic is costing the local health care in the 10 billion pounds a year. Diabetes affects more than three and a half million Britons and more than five million Russians. This number is constantly growing. Such a burst is due to increased number of patients with Type II diabetes, the cause of which in most cases is overweight. In diabetes, the first type, when the immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells, life is not significant.

Traditionally physicians are turning their attention to risk groups, which include victims of obesity and high blood sugar levels. However, recent research has shown that even a slight weight gain has increased the risk of diabetes by 52%. This is an increase in body mass index by only one point.