30 minutes of exercise is enough to change

American researchers have found that 30-minute workout on a treadmill changes of heart tissue. This is due to the fact that the intensity of the genes used for recovery of the damaged DNA is increased in response to exercise.

Researchers from the University of Maryland, East Carolina and Texas, along with colleagues from Brazil have shown that physiological stressors such as athletic training can lead to remodeling of the human heart tissue. The results of this study are very important to understand exactly how physical activity have a protective effect on the heart. The researchers emphasize that involved in this process, genes are very important for the stability of the genome. After only one sports endurance training have an increased expression of these genes, which has a protective effect, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

These findings, scientists have made studying the hearts of mice after half an hour of running in a special the running wheel. They looked at the expression of genes and compared this figure with the mouse genes that are not subjected to physical stress. The results are fully applicable to humans, as in our organism genes are regulated in exactly the same way.

Scientists hope that a better understanding of the process and the basic biology of the heart will help future researchers to develop ways to increase life expectancy and non-medicamental treatment of chronic heart disease, among which in the first place definitely goes high blood pressure and hypertension. From this disorder increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, affects millions of Russians, their number from year to year will increase.