7 of unhealthy habits and simple ways to get rid of them

Everyone has at least one forbidden pleasure which is injurious to health, whether it be grabbing stress or watching soap operas until the morning. Experts offer a list of common unhealthy habits and recommendations that will help to say goodbye to them forever.

1. Drinking every night glass alcohol.

Why is addictive

Often this habit is called "happy hour". And not without reason: alcohol causes dopamine production and endorphins - pleasure hormones. But in order to re-experience the same feeling every time it takes a bit more alcohol, and then some more That is why it soon becomes difficult to manage one glass.

Two or three glasses of alcohol from time to time in the company - this is normal. But the wine seven days a week - it is a problem.

Increased risk of certain diseases, including some cancers and hypertension. If you do not feel any negative effects after drinking alcohol in any amount, then most likely you have already dependence formed. This is an occasion to go to the doctor.

How to get rid of the habit

? Set the "sober" days. A couple of days a week drink only soft drinks. This helps to reduce tolerance to alcohol. Therefore, the "alcoholic" days will be easier to understand when it is time to stop.

? Savour every sip. Stretch your gin and tonic or a glass of champagne for an hour. After each sip place the glass on the table.

? Measure. Pour exactly 150 ml of wine or 45 ml of spirits - so looks one drink serving. The bars often served portions bigger, 200-250 ml. The same applies to the mixed drinks: gin-tonic usually contains 1.6 servings of alcohol in the "Margarita" - 1.7.

? More talk, less drink. When it comes to the bar, do not run directly to the rack. Make something non-alcoholic, and chat with friends. After you do this together, after all! Later you can take a drink. For example, beer. Especially if you do not like him: then you can easily stretch out one glass for the whole evening.

2. Drink sweet coffee

Why is addictive

Cup usual latte contains 14 grams of added sugar. That is, 4 spoons - half of the daily sugar levels normal.

After you drink a cup of sweet coffee, the blood glucose level rises quickly. Particularly fraught with this in the first few hours after waking up: then the whole day you want more sugar, and because of this it is impossible to adhere to proper nutrition.

How to get rid of the habit

? Boil the coffee themselves. Usually you order a sweetened coffee, you try to understand that it is not sweet enough and add a couple of spoonfuls. But if you make coffee yourself, you will see how much you consume sugar actually.

? Dramatically give up sugar. Brooke Alpert (Brooke Alpert), nutritionist and author of the book "Sugar Detox", found that the total abandonment of sugar - a more effective tactic than a gradual weaning. At first, maybe you will be hard, but you pretty quickly get used to. Order at the coffee shop unsweetened coffee, half-diluted with milk or cream, you can with cinnamon or nutmeg. Or ask the barista to mix coffee, milk and ice: Many people notice that unsweetened iced coffee tastes better than hot.

? Replace the coffee flavored tea. Unsweetened tea is drunk a lot easier thanks to the pieces of fruit, spice and sweet flavor.

3. Watch TV late

Why is addictive

During the day you are too busy with other things, so the only possibility to sit in front of TV and relax drops before bedtime. But for a little longer to feel relaxed and resting, you go to bed later.

How to get rid of the habit

? Turn off the TV an hour before sleep. And decide how much time you can spend on watching programs or series.

? Move the television in the next room. In the bedroom, it is not the place. If the bed is associated with you and watching TV, it ceases to be a trigger, recalls that it was time to sleep.

? Delegate. If you are so busy that by the end of the day you do not have time for recreation, you need to step back. Think about the things you can move on tomorrow, and what - to delegate. Select the schedule time to rest.

4. Seizing stress

Why is addictive

Food - a simple way to calm down, to distract, to feel comfortable. The trouble is that in times of stress you feel like not stewed vegetables, and foods high in carbohydrates or fats. Harmful food begins to be perceived as a reward, and in the difficult periods of life you are without it can not.

How to get rid of the habit

? Take care of yourself. Stress - is one matter, but with the lack of sleep, fatigue, and uncontrollable hunger harder to resist the urge to eat junk food. Sleep, rest during the day, eat normally.

? Allow a pause. When you beckon potato chips, stop for a moment and ask yourself: Do you really want to eat, whether there is in them a physical need. If not, think about why you now need food. Possible answer: so you prokrastiniruete, trying to get rid of feelings of loneliness or a bad mood.

? Make a decision. If you have come to the conclusion that, "Yes, I'm stressed, and no one will disturb me to eat these cookies," then put a plate in front of you, and eat cookies with full awareness of this fact. No need to reach for the cookies, when your thoughts soar somewhere else. This, of course, a small, but still progress: you cease to act on the machine. It is not a crime - allow yourself to eat something.

? Satisfy your need. No matter decided you eat something harmful or not, understand what really want your body and mind: a break for a walk, to have a little freshen up your head, to communicate with one another or to record his experiences in a diary at the end of the day. If you get rid of the cause, you will no longer need to run hand in a bag of chips.

5. Drink enough water.

Why habit appears

You can think of a million excuses why we do not drink enough water. Because water is tasteless, or simply forget or prefer soda.

A sufficient amount of water in the body protects against bad mood, improves the skin and digestive system - and this is an incomplete list of advantages.
Experts recommend drinking 2.5 liters of water per day. Twenty percent of this norm we get from foods with a high water content - fruits and vegetables. But we must bear in mind that everyone's needs are different and depend on the environment, physical activity and health.

How to start drinking more
? Track your progress. Wherever you were going, grab a half-liter bottle of water. Aim to fill it with another two or three times per day.

? Make the water taste better. If plain water - it's too easy for you to add to it slices of orange, cucumber slices and some fresh mint. Do drink enjoyable not only for taste but also visually: if on a shelf in the refrigerator will be a nice pitcher of water, the hands themselves pulled over a glass.

? Give up soda. If you are used to the lemonade with a variety of flavors, try to begin to replace them with flavored teas without sugar.

6. Check the Smartphone bedtime

Why is addictive

During the communication people experience joy, burst of dopamine occurs. Perhaps for this reason you can not come unstuck from the smartphone screen.

But there is another side: blue screen light affects the quality and duration of sleep. Unlike TV, the smartphone you keep right before your eyes, so the negative impact is stronger.

How to get rid of the habit

? Turn off the smartphone or tablet 2 hours before bedtime. Yes, we understand that it is not easy, especially if you like comfortable to get in bed with the gadgets.

? Create a trigger. This thing that reminds you that you should not check Instagram after 9pm. Set the alarm on your phone or a reminder on your computer, it's time to call it a day.

? Avoid the temptation. Activate the "Do Not Disturb", which blocks all calls and notifications. If necessary, you can configure exceptions so you were only available to selected contacts.

? Keep your distance. If before going to bed you put the phone on the nightstand next to the bed, it is likely that you will give up and check it in the most-the last time. To get rid of the temptation to leave the phone in the next room.

7. Do not make an effort during training.

Why habit appears

During yoga write posts, most of the aerobics classes are chatting with a friend, read a magazine on exercise bikes - everything is great distract you from exercise, so you are not working at maximum capacity. Typically, during a full workout strain, sweat, hard to breathe, you get tired, and that very few people like. Or you are just shy.

From each workout you need to get the most out. If you got to the gym, you need to give everything to the fullest.

How to get a result from
? Engage in a different place. It seems that in the gym, look at you with conviction? Train where you are comfortable. Go in for video tutorials at home, with a personal trainer one on one, or come in trenazh?rku when there are few visitors.

? to do what you like. If you hate yoga, you will not be able to direct all attention and energy on the tree pose. Choose exercise that you like.

? Defeat boredom. When you challenge yourself, the motivation increases dramatically. Set a big goal, whether it's first jogging at 5 km or preparation for the 100-kilometer marathon cycling.

? Make diversity. Variety makes the training interesting. Go to the gym early in the morning rather than the evening, as usual. Perform interval training. Or instead of the treadmill, go for a rowing simulator. All this brings a novelty classes, so the interest is preserved.