Mesotherapy: myths and reality

Mesotherapy is one of the most frequently carried out procedures in clinics and beauty salons - on the testimony of its prescribed even teenagers with skin problems. Like any popular method, mesotherapy has acquired a huge number of myths. Consider them.

Myth number 1: Mesotherapy is only suitable for mature skin

It is not true. Injections with a variety of vitamin complexes do even teenagers. Mesotherapy - one of the most non-aggressive cosmetic procedures. Also note that the first signs of aging appear between 22 to 30 years, and it is this age is optimal for beginning mesotherapy.

Myth number 2. RESULT noticeable after the first trip to the salon

It is a myth. For mesotherapy typical cumulative effect - for visible results requires a course of 7-10 treatments. This applies to any type of mesotherapy - whether drugs are injected into the skin of the face, head or body. Mesotherapy works to improve the quality of the skin - removal of wrinkles is not its direct responsibility. To fight wrinkles there are hyaluronic acid injections and drugs based on botulinum toxin type A.

Myth number 3. MESOTHERAPY no results

It is a myth. Quick visible results give an injection of another type. Mesotherapy also improves the general condition of the skin - it will help align the complexion, remove dry, eliminate fatigue and symptoms of beriberi, increase the skin's ability to retain moisture, improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels.


It is a myth. None of the known injection techniques in cosmetology is not addictive.

Myth number 5. MESOTHERAPY capable of replacing ALL OTHER COSMETIC PROCEDURES

It is not true. Moreover, 40-45 years mesotherapy has virtually useless to resist age ptosis of the skin, it can not.