7 reasons to love spicy food

The sharp taste of pepper given by nature in order to scare away the animals trying to eat it. However, a unique human digestive system allows it to eat even what the others pass by. People are divided into two types: those who love spicy food, and those who can not stand. If you belong to the first type, you lucky. In recent years, research increasingly confirms useful properties of spicy food, often run counter to the popular belief that acute harmful to health. For example, it has long been for anybody not a secret that pepper helps fight colds. Here are a few useful properties of spicy food, which you should know.

Spicy food helps prevent stomach ulcers

You've heard stories that pepper can burn a hole in your stomach and cause ulcers. Actually peppers - this is an excellent prophylactic against ulcers. Capsaicin contained in peppers, neutralizes spiral bacterium that is the causative agent of the disease. As revealed by the research, those present a selection of Korean and Indian cuisine in one's diet are three times less likely to suffer from stomach ulcers than those whose diet is based on the traditional European cuisine.

Spicy foods useful for heart.

Pepper minimizes the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing the number of LLNP ( "bad" cholesterol) and increase the number of LLVP ( "good") cholesterol in the blood. Recently, capsaicin is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers for its ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and stabilize heart rhythm. In addition, pepper contains a large amount of antioxidants, including those that inhibit aging. Spicy dishes create a certain feeling of warmth, and vasodilation and production of adrenaline reduces blood pressure. Also, hot pepper strengthens the walls of blood vessels, since there are a lot of vitamins A and C.

Pepper helps fight the common cold

Capsaicin helps to relieve the spasm of the nasal mucosa, eliminates congestion and reduces the amount of bleeding. Accordingly, the spicy food, the better. If you have a stuffy nose, add a cup of hot tea a pinch of chili, inhale steam, and then take a sip - it will clean the nasal passages, and breathing becomes easier. In addition to capsaicin, capsicum is a rich source of vitamin A, which helps strengthen the mucous membrane of the nose, which is a barrier, do not let germs and bacteria inside the body.

Spicy food helps get rid of excess weight

According to research, pepper improves metabolism in the body, reduces the feeling of hunger and burn calories. Also, there is a decrease craving for fatty and sugary foods for those in whose diet consists of food with a high content of pepper.

Prevention of cancer diseases

Curcumin, contained in turmeric, has properties that can prevent the development of certain cancers and malignant tumors. Also, according to studies, capsaicin may slow the growth of cancer cells in the prostate cancer case. But make definite conclusions too early because it requires more research involving human subjects.

Fighting depression

Spicy foods stimulate the body's production of "happiness hormone" serotonin and endorphins, thus reducing the load on the nervous system during stressful situations.

Improving sleep

Warming effect spice helps to relax and calm sleep. And since stomach among fans of spicy food is rarely crowded, people normally get enough sleep and wakes up in the morning refreshed and breakfast with a good appetite.