7 interesting facts about buckwheat

Buckwheat or buckwheat as it is often referred to in everyday life, is considered one of the most useful products, which is available in every home. From her boiled porridge or cooked side dishes, added to soups and so on. Thanks to taste buckwheat enjoys popular love. The undeniable and obvious benefits of buckwheat, rich in different minerals and vitamins composition. According to experts, nutritionists, regular consumption of cereals for food will help avoid a lot of abnormalities in the vascular system, heart and metabolic disturbances.

Buckwheat is descended from the ancient times. It is believed that the first time to grow and cultivate it began about 5000 years ago in India, Nepal and Burma. Gradually, it spread in Africa, Central Asia, China and Greece. It was the Greeks traded this barley, so the Scythians, buying, called it Greek.

Buckwheat - is the only food that could not be subjected to genetic modification. In this remarkable rump never find pesticides, herbicides and nitrates - a real HLS product!

Vitamins and minerals in buckwheat almost three times more than in other cereals. And the list is amazing: vitamins A, B1 B2 B3 B6 B9 E, H, PP and choline; trace elements iron, potassium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, aluminum, boron, vanadium, iodine, cobalt, manganese, copper, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, fluorine, chromium, tin, selenium, strontium, and zinc, fiber, starch.

Now about fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Fats "living" in the rump (mostly polyunsaturated), - of vegetable origin, they successfully reduce cholesterol and improve fat metabolism. buckwheat proteins contain large amounts of essential amino acids, and protein composition by itself it is quite comparable to meat.

Buckwheat is enough calories (310 kcal per 100 g), but the insalubrious content of carbohydrate in it is small. Fiber, by the way, a lot. Therefore, in the use of cereals increased metabolic rate, calories burned is not an example more, and blood sugar levels rise very slightly.

Buckwheat is known for its detoxifying effect on the body. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is able to prevent the development of depression. Eat buckwheat more if you have chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, edema of various origins, osteoarthritis.

Doctors, nutritionists recommend buckwheat as a dietary product, but did not greet enthusiasts who are ready to sit for weeks at a buckwheat. No matter how this cereal is rich in nutrients, it is still all required by the body in it. Therefore, let us recall that everything is good in moderation.

In buckwheat are allergic. And it is not that it is allergenic product, and that this rump contains a lot of protein, which can respond to our body.

Buckwheat with vegetables

You will need: buckwheat - 1 cup, frozen vegetables - 1 package, herbs, salt and spices - to taste, vegetable oil.


Boil buckwheat, at the same time on a deep frying pan saute vegetables. Add barley to the pan. Plus, such a dish is that it requires very little fat for frying vegetables primary light and then all quenched in a pan with a little water. Vegetables can be used a wide variety of ready-from the frozen mixture to the usual onions and carrots or spinach, Brussels sprouts. Fragrant, tasty, nutritious and healthy.