A sedentary lifestyle is not always hazardous to health

Long periods of sitting may not be as dangerous for human health, as the researchers found. It turns out there is a big difference between sitting in front of the TV screen and in the workplace.

In recent years, numerous studies tell us about the enormous damage to health, which is applied to a sedentary lifestyle. There were even claims of scientists that in the degree of harm to the body seat is different from smoking. Now, however, another group of scientists has found that the habit of sitting may not be as deadly as previously thought. It turns out there is a big difference between sitting while watching TV and a work desk in the degree of influence on human health.

Scientists have derived a complex combination of factors that determine the impact of the habit to sit on the state of health. Not all danger depends on the number of hours that a person spends in a sitting position. Researchers from the University of Sydney analyzed the results of a long-time observation of the state of health of middle-aged and older London. At the beginning of observation in 1998 year, no one of the volunteers was not serious diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Study participants reported how much time they spend on a seat in a variety of circumstances, including watching TV, work, travel and the like.

The researchers then analyzed the records of the health status of all participants in the study by the end of 2011 to identify new cases of diabetes. During this period, it was recorded 402 of these patients, but researchers could not find little correlation between the amount of time that people spent in a sitting position and diabetes. And if this relationship was, it was only between the seat in front of TV, but not at work, and in other circumstances.