Doctors have called the most dangerous group

People with a fourth blood group (AB) proved to be particularly prone to developing problems with memory and thinking.

Blood groups are determined by the presence of certain antigens in the membrane of red blood cells. The fourth group of blood (AB) is a very rare and occurs in about 4% of the world population.

Researchers from the Medical College of the University of Vermont for 3.5 years have seen the state of health of more than 30 thousand people. These 495 people, who after the study began showing signs of memory impairment and cognitive impairment, compared with the data of 587 people who did not have such problems. Analysis has shown that people with first blood reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which increase the likelihood of problems with memory and dementia.

Doctors have noted that people with blood group AB, on the contrary, were 82% more likely to develop problems with memory and thinking than people with a different blood group. The researchers also examined the level of factor VIII-th - coagulation study participants.

As it turned out, the highest figure was in people with fourth blood group.
High levels of this protein was associated with an increased risk of cognitive disorders and intellectual disorders. For example, in people with elevated levels of this factor is the tendency to the development of cognitive impairment by 24% compared with those who have blood clotting was lower.