The philosophy of slow life: how to learn to live and not to rush

How often do you allow yourself to relax, not to pursue higher, deadlines, or something else? If you think we have always something to somebody must. Earn, raise children, care for their parents, to arrange personal life and even to relax in beautiful surroundings and warm countries (at least, so "do everything"). Slow life offers to slow down and start to live consciously, in this case especially without changing the components of their own lives.

On the slow life philosophy in our country, very little is known. Meanwhile, its followers for a long time to promote their ideas in Europe. It all began in 1986 in Italy (and in the regularity of the Italians know a lot!). When one of the central squares of Rome opened a McDonald's, a journalist Carlo Petrini made a protest action. In contrast to the fast food he proposed to focus on quality, "slow" food. Thus began the movement slow food, and then began to talk about the whole philosophy - slow life. It means - to live and enjoy all that you do, whether it is work, cleaning or working on the road.

The basic principles that allow to be happy, healthy and energetic in every situation, outrageously simple.

Eat consciously

Proponents of the "slow food" promoting the principles of a healthy diet, with an emphasis on farm products. His concept they describe three interrelated principles: quality food at a fair price.

"This relationship of climate, seasonal produce, farmer knowledge and methods of harvesting, post-processing, processing costs, transportation, as well as attitude of the seller to the goods - a thousand small steps that have been taken on the product path from field to plate" - describes the subtleties of Richard System McCarthy, executive director of the US Slow Food.

Adherents of the movement to turn the offer of food consumption in the process of meditative hobby - akin to embroidery. Agree, it is difficult to guess the flavor of the foods blindfolded, because we rarely concentrate on the sensations. But - it is necessary to reduce the rate of mastication, as it turns out, that the taste of the food is mediocre, and indeed the burgers you never liked.

Of course, during the meal, nothing should distract - no TV, no gadgets. Proved multitasking man has no control over the saturation and eats more than they should.

Do not grasp for everything and immediately

A study conducted at the University of Hertfordshire, found: people move 10% faster villagers. And the speed is only growing.

Life in the Slow Life style is not calling to give up the achievements of the present and exchange the subway to go for a walk to the other end of the city. If you deal with lots of high quality cases in a short time - excellent. Another thing, if such a situation - a lot of stress for you. In this case, from your vain multitasking need to get rid of.

"Multi-tasking is actually slows you down, increasing the risk of error, - said Professor David E. Meyer, a specialist in cognitive psychology from the University of Michigan. - Any interference bad effect on our ability to process information. "

There is no need to carry out thorough research to understand the simple truth that it is very difficult in the cycle Affairs to do everything well. The orderly and thoughtful execution of the most common actions teaches focus, is the key to high performance.

Plan the time and space

Pay attention to your surrounding environment. Sloulayfery sure: a creative mess - just an excuse laziness. It is with the organization of space around him begins the organization of their time.

Proponents of being in favor of a measured timing without fanaticism. Something will always disrupt the schedule, but it's not a reason to give up. Urgent work prevented devote time to learning the language? Nothing wrong. Today, work, and education - to move tomorrow, simply increasing the number of hours.

Learn to relax

Sloulayfery offer to abandon the gadgets on holiday. If you do not disable the phone, but at least clean up the sound notification. Laiki and comments, of course, encourage a sense of joy, but at the same addictive and distract from the less happy, but more needed things.

slow life philosophy is not to do with the speed of a snail, and to try to do everything at the correct speed. Doing so good, as far as possible, but not as quickly as work.

Enjoy style sloulayf - is to enjoy what is happening, rather than frantically snapping pictures to soon put it in social networks.

By the way, slow life principles formed the basis of the concept of Soneva hotels in the Maldives and Thailand. The area is organized in such a way that all could walk barefoot and feel the warmth of natural materials. Particularly popular entertainment such as "relax on the private beach" and "slumber under the stars".

Do not worry

The world will not collapse, even if in search of his slow-style you slow down to the obscene. But such experience can be the need to reboot. And as a side effect, you will learn to understand their own hunger, eat and not get fat.