Ten healthy and tasty snack for Weight Watchers

Snacks, along with breakfast - the most important meals for those who adhere to the rules of healthy eating. If breakfast is properly nourishes our body the necessary energy and sets the mood for the whole day, snacks help maintain a higher metabolic rate, normalizes blood sugar levels and reduce the portion of food that we eat for dinner.

We offer you 10 of the most delicious and healthy snack that will help you to cope adequately with the atrocious hunger and will not get bored with the variety.

Useful chips

If you just get used to snack foods, causing no damage figure, a variety of vegetable chips, made by yourself - your best option! For example, apple: they perfectly satisfy hunger, it is convenient to take with you, and if you add cinnamon, they just become your most favorite treat (by the way, the same rule works for pear crisps). You do not like apples? Try to make vegetable chips: pumpkin, carrot or beet.

Aerobatics and excellent gourmet snack - chips Avocado: such will want to eat every day!

This oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal helps the intestines, cleansing it and improving metabolism. In addition, it is very satisfying: a few pieces of cookies oatmeal you replace the whole batch of high-grade cereals. If you cook oatmeal cookies correctly, it will be for you a delicious snack diet: the easiest recipe for this cookie consists of only 3 very beneficial ingredients - oatmeal, bananas and raisins.


Smoothies - a favorite snack of many. The most nutritious and quick to prepare its variations - with a banana: it can be bright and healthy pumpkin and banana cocktail, rich blueberry-banana smoothies and even invigorating coffee-banana smoothie.


If you do not like to cook, curd snacks created for you: cottage cheese - an invaluable source of protein and calcium. Choose low-fat cottage cheese, eat it just like that, or with different additives.

Yogurt with vegetables, nuts and cereals

Just like cheese, yogurt can be made any more tasty by adding a few simple ingredients. An excellent snack will unsweetened Greek yogurt with dried fruit or nuts, but if you want something more interesting, add the pistachios natural yoghurt and spices. Another cool option: natural yogurt with applesauce and walnuts.

Nuts and dried fruits

Another simple option for those who do not like to cook, and for those who forgot to bring a snack with you. Choose nuts that will be most helpful is for your body, or mix them with dried fruits: apricots, prunes or, for example, dates.

[/b] Vegetables.

Best snack - a mixture of chopped raw vegetables. Crunchy carrots, celery and cucumbers are perfectly combined with hummus and beets - with Greek yogurt. Take a lunchbox in any vegetables that you like, and add the appropriate sauce.

[b] Bruschetta

Italian bruschetta, too, is one of the dietary appetizing snacks. The most important thing - the right to choose dry bread and perfect stuffing. Perfect combination - tomatoes and avocados, beans with herbs, bruschetta with tomato and egg, or, finally, a snack with mushrooms and ham for the hungry.

Rolls and wraps with vegetables

A thin pita bread, sweet sauce and your favorite vegetables - such rolls are a great snack if wrap them as you want. It all depends on your imagination: You can do, for example, fine-wrap sandwiches with avocado and strawberries, and can cook insanely delicious and very useful rolls of omelet with mushrooms and spinach, which will give you a long time to feel hungry.

Eggs c avocado

Eggs in a cool themselves are a good snack, but can be prepared completely different ways and take every day a new dish. Most best combination for eggs - avocado: adding this ingredient, you can fry eggs with chili sauce and greens, make a hearty sandwich, but you can make a simple and quick snack, just breaking the egg directly into the avocado.