How to cook quickly and without nerves: tips

People who are always trying to keep up with everything, better than anyone know that 24 hours a day - not so much. If you dine out constantly with a sense that you cooking again we spent a lot of time - it's time to change something.

Busy schedule and hectic lifestyle - not an excuse to be lazy and hurt your body substandard fast food meal. Try our tips on how to properly plan the cooking process, and you will surely become a cook faster and with pleasure.

Do not be lazy to plan

Every time frozen in a refrigerator undecided what to cook? Do not let the desire to catch off guard: on the way home from work a few minutes do not be lazy to think well, what exactly do you want for dinner or for a meal recently asked to prepare some of your family.

Remember, what the ingredients are already there, and which will need to purchase: can be more convenient will even make the list. Be always aware of what is happening in your kitchen: so you will save not only time but also money. If you are conservative in food and love to cook on certain days one thing, make a short list of ingredients that are needed for the preparation of this dish, and always carry it with you: so you will not forget anything.

Buy products in advance

Everyone knows that the best improvisation - it was invented and planned in advance. Therefore, if you do not want to waste precious minutes on experiments, try to make sure that the refrigerator was you always set the most useful and favorite foods.

Several packs of frozen vegetables - broccoli, carrots and Brussels sprouts - the perfect option for those who follow the figure and does not want to stand for a long time at the stove, and besides, it's always a good side dish to meat dishes. And if you add a bit of fragrant spices and seasonings, even green beans become delicious dish independent. The same applies to a variety of pasta: they should always be in the kitchen, so that you at any time prepared a wonderful pasta.

Spend an hour or two on a trip to the supermarket and purchase spices, pasta, frozen mushrooms, vegetables and berries, cereals, meat and everything necessary for you, and do not forget to store food correctly: when the cooking process will be for you to start right from the preparation of food and it has plenty of time saved.

Stay realistic

In a burst of inspiration to all of us sometimes want to cook some culinary masterpiece to please and surprise yourself and your loved ones. But if you know that the time you have is limited, or feel very tired - culinary experiments aside for a weekend or any other day when you will have at least a couple of free hours.

Give priority to a simple dish with a small (about 5-7), the number of ingredients. By the way, for a quick, healthy and wholesome meal perfect pasta: pasta is cooked, you will likely have time to cook your favorite sauce. Another great version of a tasty meal that does not require a lot of effort at the time - the fish baked in foil.

Keep the kitchen

If you start the cooking process to clean the kitchen, when the hand has all the necessary utensils and the sink, on the contrary, from this cookware available - consider that you have already saved 15 precious minutes of your time. Do not be lazy to wash the dishes immediately after eating, but better - consistently during cooking. You agree that awesome view overflowing sink will bring nostalgia to anyone, so it is best to get rid of this horror as soon as possible.

The food that you want to leave for later, be sure to shift into a glass bowl with a lid or plastic containers, pre-releasing pots and pans for further cooking.

Get a smart kitchen gadgets

Probably every woman would never give up the use of a blender or electric grinder: still, because they save time! Pay attention to the huge amount of cool kitchen gadgets that greatly simplify your life. Infinitely good and very functional for cooking meals multivarka: food does not stick to it, prepared quickly and - most importantly! - It does not need to constantly stand at the stove.

Equip your kitchen useful gadgets: how serious (eg tenderayzer for rapid weaning meat), and gladdening the eye, but also doing the cooking process easy and enjoyable.