From fungi to the pain: the danger of sex in the jacuzzi

Experts told why we should never have sex in the jacuzzi, however sexy it did not look the part. In such humid and hot conditions increases the risk of fungal infections, severe pain, and rash.

Many partners are dreaming about how to indulge in the pleasures of intimate somewhere in the jacuzzi. However, it is particularly dangerous for women's health as a well-known gynecologist told California Dr. Diana Hoppe. She warned that sex in the jacuzzi increase the risk of fungal infection or rash in the vaginal area. The reason for this whole combination of chemicals, as well as the high water temperature, which is an ideal breeding ground for various bacteria. The doctor called the 4 things that can happen during sex in the jacuzzi.

In the first place a fungal infection. The fact that the water used in the hot tub, there are various chemical substances can cause changes in the level of acidity of the vagina. And it provokes the growth of bacteria, fungi, and especially the family of candida, which are responsible for a very painful infection.

The use of condoms to protect against unwanted pregnancy during sex in the jacuzzi is useless, as the expert emphasizes. Not only is constantly boiling water can simply tear off the penis, but also the contraceptive efficacy data falls almost to zero because of the chlorine.

Another danger of having sex in the jacuzzi is a rash on the background of the disorder called Pseudomonas folliculitis. It is triggered by a combination of whole bacteria in the water. The disorder causes itching and red seal on the skin, but it must pass by itself in a few days. Finally, we must remember that when engaging in sex in the jacuzzi water washes away the natural lubrication of the vagina. And it makes sex more painful.