Debunk one of the main myths about

A common point of view on coffee refuted. According to the discovery of American scientists, the relationship between hypertension and the constant presence of coffee in the diet is not as straightforward as previously thought.

Experts from the State University of New Orleans Health published a study, which was attended by 170000 Americans. They all drink coffee every day for 33 years of life, some of them - to three cups per day.

As the authors were able to make the project even drank three cups of coffee a day has no effect on the pressure.

The researchers insist that an increase in pressure can affect other factors, such as the individual characteristics of the organism, the genetic background, etc. heredity. With regard to coffee, it can provoke a hypertension in combination with other "aggravated" circumstances.

"For example, if you drink several cups of coffee a day and still not enough sleep, something like the menu, combined with a deficit of sleep really can cause a rise in blood pressure on vessel walls," - stated the doctors from the United States.