How to take better care of themselves: 4

We often forget about it, finding a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, attention to yourself is essential for normal functioning, in fact, it helps us to cope with daily challenges. Family therapist Leslie Santana talks about how to determine whether you are properly taking care of yourself.

In psychotherapy, it is important to immediately assess how the customer things to take care of themselves - this is the area usually is the key to recovery. Unfortunately, often it is understood completely wrong, equating to selfishness and indulgence to all its whims.

What they mean psychotherapists, advising to take care of yourself? Why care so important? When she is most effective?

Let's investigate.

1. Self-healing is different FROM indulging his whims

Self-healing themselves productively indulgence - exactly the opposite. Much more useful to devote 10 minutes a day analyzing what provoked your anger and aggression throughout the day than to spend an hour in a nail salon.

Of course, it is not necessary to give up small pleasures and torture yourself with guilt for them. But taking care of yourself should always be aimed at improving the mental and physical health.

Sort out what is causing your negative feelings, you will learn more about ourselves, and this knowledge will come in handy in future stressful situations.

And if it came to a manicure or a hairdresser, then here's a little tip: such procedures - a great opportunity to practice conscious breathing deeply.

2 differs from the cares PSEVDOZABOTU THIS

Psevdozabota seems like a real concern, but still they should be distinguished.

A striking example - shopping. Suppose that after two weeks of depressive state you decide to indulge in new purchases. It is very likely that you will get pleasure from the process, and your mood will improve for a while. The problem is that often we are fully substitute for similar real care surrogates. Psevdozabota can bring only temporary relief because the does not affect the true causes of our low mood and other symptoms of concern to us.

Instead, try to keep a diary, recording their internal dialogue.

3. Learn to cope with difficulties

This ability is often said rather vague, and yet it is important to understand what it involves. Taking care of yourself - it is a reflection of your relationship with yourself, and the ability to cope with difficulties strengthens the relationship.

If you are uncomfortable to endure hardship is likely relationship with yourself you are weak. By strengthening these relations, do not forget that it is important to learn to cope with the difficulties of healthy, correct methods.


As we have said, taking care of yourself is always directed at strengthening the psychological health and well-being.

Planning care of themselves, to vote the way you are functioning on the psychological, physical and spiritual levels. To work on a long-term yielded results, get a habit to regularly assess the situation. First of all, pay attention to problem areas.

This does not necessarily require a lot of time or money. At the same time care is extremely important for maintaining health. If you do not know where to start, try to experiment with different types of meditation, make a list of goals, learn to express gratitude, start keeping a diary, try deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation. The main thing - do finally the first step towards ourselves!