Dentists advise brushing

We all know that brushing your teeth should be at least twice a day, but better - after each meal. But is it really?

Thorough cleaning of teeth is not a safe occupation, and continually use all the same should not be this toothpaste and brush. This is the conclusion dentists in the United States.

Despite the widespread belief that after every meal should be as soon as possible to brush your teeth, the American experts from the Academy of General Dentistry said: This is bad! According to research conducted by them, brushing your teeth for 20 minutes after a meal results in tooth demineralization and provokes rapid erosion of enamel.

"The matter is in the food contains acid that destroys the dentine - the so-called layer, located beneath the tooth enamel. First brush your teeth immediately after eating, we would like to push the acid deeper into the tooth structure, thereby expediting the process of decomposition of dentin, "- explained his theory of dentists.

Doctors strongly recommend to wait at least an hour to avoid the undesirable consequences for the health of teeth.

Earlier view was expressed by experts in the field of dentistry that language color can signal many diseases. So, according to them, with a low hemoglobin level language pale and bluish tint language says about the problems in the cardiovascular system.

If the language has acquired a yellowish tint, it is possible that in the gallbladder in excess accumulated too much bile, experts warned.

Also, dentists are advised not to use too many long hours and toothpaste - because of the potentially harmful to health, it contains components.