Scientists spoke about the benefits and dangers of eating on the go

Nutritionists from the United States reported that power on the go, which is when the pace of modern life has become increasingly popular, has its pros and cons.

Scientists said that it is wrong to think that a snack on the way home from work, or in some other place brings to our body only harm. Although, according to them, the harm in this diet more than good, but some positives too.

The biggest advantage of this power - it certainly saves time.

Actually why people eat in the car or even on the move. Scientists say that if a person has a situation that he wants to eat, and eat normally once, a snack will still be more useful than a complete hunger, which will negatively affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

At the same time, it is necessary not to forget about all the cons that are present in this kind of food.

On receiving this food suffers from stomach, but in spite of the negative impact of more and more people because of the lack of time, resort to this type of fast food.

If you regularly eat fast food and indulge in a normal meal in a relaxed atmosphere, you can even develop a stomach ulcer.

In addition, another harmful snacking on the go is that this kind of food slows the metabolism.

Doctors are advised not to rush out and if there is at least a little time for lunch, then select them and eat in a normal, relaxed environment. This will keep your stomach healthy and well-being. Nutritionists say that there is on the move is only in extreme situations, when there is simply no other choice.