How to restore a natural microflora

Intestinal microflora is very important for the correct operation of this body and for our health in general. It is associated with the metabolic processes in the body (metabolism), the ability of assimilation of vitamins and minerals, the immune system, as well as the level of energy available to us.

But poor diet and taking certain medications (antibiotics, for example) gives the intestinal flora. And it happens all the time, because there are other factors that have a negative impact.

Experts explained that the need to do to restore the intestinal flora and take care of the health of the body as much as possible in a natural way.

What is the intestinal microflora?

Intestinal flora is a set of micro-organisms, which begins to form in the human body from the moment of his birth, that is, as soon as it begins to interact with the environment. Thus, microflora formed gradually as the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

It has about 100 billion bacteria of hundreds of different species.

Bacterial flora produces a degree of acidity of the intestines, thereby preventing colonization of bacteria and other types of multiplication.

What changes the intestinal microflora?

There are many factors that can alter or destroy the intestinal flora:

A diet rich in sugars, saturated fats, with a lot of refined flour and fried food.

Periods of stress. Stress is always a negative impact on our health. It not only alters the intestinal flora, but also reduces the protective ability of the organism, making it more vulnerable to various diseases.

Certain types of drugs, such as antibiotics.

Frequent bowel disorders.

Experts have told about the most beneficial foods that help populate the intestinal flora "right" bacteria.

Drink yogurt for breakfast

If you want to improve the bacterial intestinal flora, one of the best products for this purpose will kefir, a fermented milk product that we can prepare their own at home easily.

For this we need the milk and yeast (fungus kefir).

Kefir fungi represent a nodular mass in appearance reminiscent of boiled rice. These fungi are fed lactose contained in milk. During fermentation, they increase in size.

You can buy a ready-made yogurt, and you can prepare this drink yourself, buying only Kefir fungus.

And the best time to receive kefir - this morning. Desirably, fasting. Although it would be also a great snack.

Still there is yogurt in the water for people who can not drink milk.

Eat sauerkraut

Sauerkraut - a traditional recipe in many countries. This spicy dish often serves as a side dish to meat or fish and I must say, it greatly facilitates the process of digestion.

Despite the fact that this is a fermentation product, sauerkraut is a great
sources of probiotics to the body, and they are known to help "settle" the intestinal flora.

Preparing sauerkraut is very simple: take raw cabbage, cut, then add salt, is put in a glass jar and infuse. Sometimes add more variety of spices such as juniper.

Today sauerkraut recipes you can find a great variety: there is not just a canned product with salt and vinegar, alcohol, various additives.

However, what you buy in the store, most likely, does not save and improve the microflora of your colon.

Seasoned dishes seawater

Seawater is becoming more and more popular as an ingredient in a variety of recipes, and all thanks to its unique healing properties.

Unlike table salt, which contains only sodium chloride, sea water allows our body essential minerals (and there are as many as 118).

These nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal wall, adjust the pH of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body, but also improve the intestinal transit (peristalsis).

If you suffer from constipation, you can take the sea water on an empty stomach. Just mix it with 2.5 units of ordinary drinking water. And so it can be used to flavor your favorite dishes in the cooking process (instead of regular table salt).

If you want to save all the useful properties of sea water, it should always consume raw. It is perfect for cold soups and vegetable cocktails, sauces, salads, etc.


If you need to populate the intestinal flora in a few days, for example, after the disease or medication, you can use for this special additives.

The main thing to take away from their food (at least one hour before a meal), then they will be effective. Can you do it before you go to bed, or vice versa, in the morning on an empty stomach.

There are many kinds of additives for improving and restoring the intestinal microflora. Select the one where there are more strains.