Insomnia may indicate

Problems with the night's sleep is usually considered in a negative way, but psychologists, scientists believe that it may not always mean some problems with health. According to them, on poor sleep may complain of "special" people, which can be quite healthy.

The researchers concluded that sleep problems are often characterized by people with creative, creative thinking. In particular, lack of sleep, and insomnia complain holders so called "visual" and "verbal" type of thinking.

Strongly pronounced visual thinking is peculiar to designers, architects, chess; verbal - writers, journalists. Observations scientists have shown that even though these people give an opportunity to sleep more than others, they still may be difficult to get enough sleep.

In an attempt to understand the researchers found that each of the factors that determine the creative abilities of people - visual and verbal - specifically affects the duration and quality of sleep. Gifted, outside the box thinking and creative personalities do not fit into the conventional system of sleep and wakefulness, which was established in the society under the influence of social factors, experts say. Put to bed and wake up "alarm clock" as an all - it is either useless or harmful for them.

"Visually" creative people have complained that due to the poor productivity of their sleep during the day sharply lower. "Verbal" creative people prefer to go to bed and wake up later than others, as poured in such a non-standard mode. With the advent of the night in the brains of people started hormonal processes that promote creativity, this is due to the particular psychobiological mechanisms ", - told the authors.