Doctors listed the myths about sugar

Sugar and a healthy diet are incompatible, says the proverb. But is it from the point of view of science? Researchers from New York University produced a report, according to which sugar harm sometimes still exaggerated.

Lately, experts have noted, the sugar purchased the product's reputation, which can cause irreparable damage to health. But the report's authors insist that sugar itself is not only dangerous, but also to be part of a healthy diet in humans.

"Sugar is a poison? No, this is a myth and nothing more than a marketing ploy. The day a healthy person can safely consume up to 12.5 teaspoons of sugar "- said on this occasion respected US expert on nutrition and group leader Professor Marion bore.

According to bore, to demonize sugar is beneficial primarily to manufacturers of its substitutes. However, such substitutes considered more beneficial to health naive same as honey, maple syrup and agave physiologically act on the body as well as sugar.

The expert spoke about what wiser just to buy products, which include those listed sugar, as otherwise they are likely to prove artificial sweeteners. "The effect of sweeteners on the body today is not fully understood," - said Marion bore.

The claim that sugar is the cause of the problems with being overweight, the professor also believes untenable "to health problems and obesity causes not the sugar, high-calorie food and overeating, in which it is contained at a high level", - the report says.