Scientists have told us how the power of thought to prolong life and youth

Scientists from the University of Oslo (Norway) claim that mental attitude is very important to longevity. And all because the force of the inner beliefs can work wonders. Everyone is familiar with the experiment with a placebo. Dummy pill given to the patient and that by believing in the power of medicine, inexplicably begins to feel better. The placebo effect was proved to work every third patient. Similarly, with a negative attitude. If a person believes in advance that the pension he will be "is not the same ', and up to 80 years of age who rarely survives, then so be it.

It turns out that our body reacts to such self-programming. The changes at the cellular level occur gently by the schedule that a person asks himself. Hence a simple conclusion: each new birthday after fifty need to meet with optimism, with the installation of the fact that there is still a lot of important and interesting, but do not count down the remaining days. Heavy sigh and think the question of the series "Where's soon bury me bedolazhechku?" Means to reduce their years of simple power of thought.

Work all the way, but what?

Geriatrics and gerontologists joined them (doctors who study the problem of aging) often like to watch the groups of people for decades. Recently, experts Stendforskogo University (USA) have published their findings. Curiously, longevity studies in this university began in the early twentieth century under the guidance of a psychologist and researcher Theremin Lewis. One of the main causes of longevity called responsible and stable operation.

The study highlights that working into old age will undoubtedly live longer than those who want early to retire. But even among the "workaholics" were the leaders. These are people with higher education, are important but not the most important post - for example, the head of the department. Moderate psychological burden and opportunity to exercise creativity mobilize the body, it is always in good shape, but does not work on the "wear and tear". But those who are the most important "bump" - head of the firm, factory or government agencies - often have a strong overvoltage when the rigid framework of self-realization. And it certainly does not go unnoticed. Big Head - Most heart attacks and strokes by excessive loads.


Physical activity throughout life - one of the factors of longevity. But the point - in the "dosage".

A simple example. If young people professionally engaged in sports, but stopped after thirty elementary wrung out, then most likely, it will face serious health problems. In some cases, even yesterday's competitors are transplanted in a wheelchair. There is even such a thing - "the former athlete syndrome".

Therefore, in all important measure. You do not need to pace yourself long run, when the whole body is exposed to a test of strength. The main thing is to find the optimum load. For some it is a walk on the bike in the summer, skiing in winter. Someone to maintain the tone of the play enough in table tennis. Some of the same suit in the general cleaning the apartment quite regularly. And, of course, an active lifestyle should be maintained after retirement.

Of course, to determine the correct load at random should not - for that there are doctors. It should be understood: a complete lack of physical exercise - is a recipe for obesity and the development of all the diseases on the list. But the abuse of exercise can lead to early death. Irrational and irregular fiznagruzki (for example, if going to the gym once a fortnight, but at the same time try to perform a full program - from the treadmill to "iron") leads to a sad result. Instead of having to train the muscles (and our main muscle - the heart), training on the anguish churning pulse that causes the muscles (and the heart) begin to "burn" from a lack of oxygen and excessive release of lactic acid.

Caution: drug

Not so long ago all the news put the news marked "urgent": the world were sick, the body which no longer respond to antibiotics. Several people in the world have died from the super-bacteria that does not take no medicine.

What happened? If in fact, the fault of the drug, particularly, antibiotics. Especially if people will take them often without a doctor's appointment, with or without. The result - the immune system is compromised, harmful bacteria are accustomed to modern drugs. Now they almost crave new drugs servings, because from them will become even stronger.

To this will not happen with your body, you need to follow a simple rule of thumb is to drink medicines only on doctor's advice and comply with the dosage strictly. When antibiotic treatment is required to complete the entire course prescribed in the recipe. If the disease is not recovered, will have 'trained' bacteria that are resistant to drugs, says physician-immunologist Elena Milovidova.

But what has this longevity? The body, which is for life tested fraction of modern drugs, actively respond to the "new" for him medicine and 70 and 80 years. Dangerous disease does not lead to death, a man will receive many more years of full life.

Kill sleep

No, a full 8 hours of continuous sleep, of course, is wonderful and very helpful. But as it is possible, if the city resident at any time can awaken term road works or "Ambulance" siren?

Any person living along the busy highway, knows that in a city apartment sometimes he sleeps for 10 hours and gets broken, and the country is sufficient and 6 hours of relaxation. Of course, if a smartphone does not zapilikaet middle of the night, notifying an urgent message from social networks.

The reasons are clear: the brain does not have time to rest, it all the time "kick" extraneous stimuli.

But even more dangerous lack of sleep. They suffer giperotvetstvennye people who are ready for a career sleep at 5 or even 4 hours a day. More than once a month, and two or three times a week. They develop chronic fatigue syndrome. Soon there are unpleasant surprises: excess weight, metabolic disorders, headache, exacerbation of chronic diseases. For all this to somehow fix, you need a lot of pills. These people live to retirement and already elderly.


To look good, and in old age, is also important in their prime abide by simple rules.

Not schurtes. This addiction leads to early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. It is necessary to choose the right health points if they are needed. And do not forget the sunscreen in the sun.

Do not sleep face in the pillow. Facial skin is not only wrinkled, but still sweats. This extra microorganisms which can lead to improper metabolism.

Before going to sleep necessarily wash your face with soap or cleansing gel. Since the skin is necessary to remove excess fat and dirt particles, which have managed to settle on the face of the day.

Do not use the so-called anti-aging creams to forty years - they can age the skin prematurely. Do not overuse scrubs and cleansing masks fashionable. With daily use, they stop the natural process of skin renewal.