Geneticists said that the fat burning process can be started in all

Experts from California (Scripps Research Institute) have found a hormone that leads to fat burning. And helped them roundworms, writes RT. If researchers can reproduce the positive effects of the hormone in people with obesity it will be finished.

Thus, it is known that reduction in weight, and serotonin (main neuromodulator) are connected. This relationship researchers analyzed the example worm C. elegans, removing those different genes. Experts hoped to influence the path that connects serotonin and fat burning process.

Experiments have led them to a gene that encodes a neuropeptide hormone FLP-7. In mammals, there is an analog of the hormone. As part of the research, scientists were able to initiate a splash of serotonin, which triggered the allocation of FLP-7 hormone. Hormone marked with special paint and began to follow its movement within the body of worms.

For example, the hormone went from the brain to the gastrointestinal tract and has started the process of burning fat. Experts isolated element causes the release of hormones. This enabled separately launch the fat burning process in worms without the side effects associated with serotonin. These effects are related to appetite, reproduction and even movement.