10 common signs of coffee depending

Experts called the 10 common signs of growing coffee addiction, with which you have to fight there or just enjoy life.

Change health.

In that caffeine directly affects our state, and no one doubts, but it is not even in the vigor obtained from outside, but rather in relation to this change. If you can not wait to get to the office coffee machines, or always make a detour through the coffee shop, then we have news for you - you kofezavisimy. How it is bad, decide for yourself.

More than one

For the coffee lover this concept of the norm used the drink significantly increased compared with those who drank coffee only occasionally. Espresso and Latte immediately on the track - that's the usual morning "to do list" for such people.

Knowing too much

You do not just know the length and breadth of the coffee map of all large network of small cafes and caffeine in the area, and look forward to visiting the sale of seasonal products? What is there more to say!

Strong start

Making the work kofezavisimyh before they drink a cup of your favorite drink - almost hopeless task.

The first thought

If heavy smokers dream of cigarettes smoked in the morning nothing but sweet anticipation, it does not inspire, the coffee drinkers may even fall asleep with thoughts of the morning coffee. Water filled coffee filled up on coffee machine software is exposed - and now you can put the alarm clock in the morning, and at the same time to think about where all this will lead.


At this point, standing at the top of the list of recognition of stages of its dependencies fail almost all respondents with a strong attachment to the coffee. It's time to take the next step, if you have to for a long time to respond negatively to some questions surrounding that, and neither are there many caffeine for one organism you take on himself.

Nothing can surprise

Even the most outlandish figures of professional baristas on latte coffee lover do not touch the soul with the experience. All the emotion of the cat's muzzles on Penke, hundreds of hearts and other patterns, as well as attempts to capture every masterpiece in the photo were passed a few years ago. There is somewhere to stay and moderation in the use of coffee.

Personal Hell

You will gradually start to think that coffee filters are becoming denser, and ooze into your coffee mug less willingly. Interns who teaches barista preparing coffee on your order - all your personal hell on earth.

Coffee purchase

You seriously believe that instead of a new copy machine your office longer needed a new Italian coffee machine, and two semi-annual stock Holder coffee. And at home it is quite possible to do without certain foods, but without coffee - no way.

Forget taste of tea.

Seriously, avid "kofebreykery" seldom drinking any other hot drink instead of coffee, and the susceptibility of the receptors have dulled so that they are unlikely to impress even the most delicious tea.