What it may be associated headache in the morning?

Headache hard to bear at any time of the day. Its causes may be different, and it can begin to grow, and at different times of the day.

If in the morning when you get up from bed, in your temples like pounding drums, you feel dizzy and can not even open my eyes, it is best to consult a doctor.

Experts told why can occur morning headache.

People often go to the doctor because of a headache in the morning.

analgesics intake does not always help and often have pain all day. Here are the most common causes of headache in the morning:

Inflammation of the sinuses

When we become inflamed sinuses, located in the nose, eyes, and forehead (the front part of the head), and in the morning we cant to turn off the alarm clock, we are experiencing a severe headache.

In this case, in order to alleviate the symptoms, it is necessary to treat allergies or sinus infection.

Sleep apnea

This term means "not too long stop breathing" during the sleep.

Since the brain does not receive the second oxygen when we wake up, we have a headache. When apnea are dark circles under the eyes and constant fatigue (even if we go to bed early enough).

If we sleep with someone, we can ask him is whether we have the night from time to time snoring. This is another symptom of sleep apnea.

Poor sleep

In addition to sleep apnea, there are other emotional and psychological factors that do not allow us to sleep properly.

Stress, anxiety, a constant concern, of course, worsen the quality of sleep. Often we go too late, get up too early (respectively, sleep less than the recommended eight hours), and it also adversely affects the quality of sleep.

If we interfere with sleep light in the room (open valve, the noise from the street, included TV, snoring, etc.), it is certainly not conducive to the normal rest, and headache can be in the morning.

Muscle tension

If we have a little sleep, poor relax during sleep, take the wrong position if we suffer from insomnia or nightmares, the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle are too tight, there is pressure on the skull, and a headache as a result.

It is very important to choose the right pillow. Then in the right position to be the spine and the cervical vertebrae, and the body will be better to relax.

Too many drugs.

We are talking about drugs, designed just for relieving headaches. When such pain happens 2-3 times a week, many take medications (prescription by prescription or are available for sale).

Excessive use of analgesics causes the opposite effect. That is the morning headache is already taking these medications.

You can identify such drugs, provoking a morning headache:

Narkotichekie funds.


At night, as you know, we do not drink and do not eat anything. But the body, although it is in a relaxed state, still requires hydration.

When the body is not supplied enough fluid, blood vessels located in the head, is compressed to maintain the desired liquid level in the body. This complicates the supply of oxygen to the brain, and a headache.


Bruxism often in children (although happens in adults). This is usually referred to as "teeth grinding during sleep."

This unconscious habit causes tension jaw muscles and also interferes with the normal blood supply to the brain. As a result of a headache in the morning.

Incorrect posture

One of the most common causes of morning headaches - wrong, unnatural posture during sleep.

When we sleep, "curled up" or other unnatural position, in the morning we can hurt not only the head but also the back, neck, shoulders, etc.

Do not let the head was too low, and try to sleep on your back or on your side. Do not sleep face down. And the head and back should take a correct position. Then the circulation is carried out properly, and the head in the morning does not hurt.

Blood pressure and diabetes

And then, and more can cause a headache in the morning. In both cases, dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow pressure. This causes muscle tension and headaches.

Restless legs syndrome

This syndrome is defined as "a condition characterized by unpleasant sensations in the lower limbs, which appear alone (usually in the evening and night time), forcing the patient to commit to facilitate their movement and often lead to sleep disturbances."

Muscle spasms that occur at the same time, maintain the brain awake and do not give him a rest. It is not surprising that in the morning a person suffering from this syndrome, is experiencing a headache.

If you in the morning, in addition to headaches, sometimes even vertigo, nausea, blurred vision, be sure to consult a doctor.