A few tips to help you eat less

How to learn to eat less - this question takes not just those who are trying to follow the figure, but also scientists. In this connection, they just do not investigate: cutlery, size and color dishes, food photos Instagrame, companions What else noticed the specialists in search of an answer and what conclusions were reached?

Mirror on kitchen.

Not a bad assistant in the fight against harmful eating habits, according to a study conducted in 2015 by psychologists from the University of Central Florida. Participants are invited to experience a choice of fruit salad or a chocolate cake and a room for making a meal - with or without mirrors. Salad will appeal to all, without exception, which is not about the cake: those who ate it, looking at her reflection, it seemed not so good, as their "companions" in a room without mirrors.

Author and leader of the study Jami Ata (Ata Jami) commented as follows: "The reflection not only gives people to understand how they look. It also allows them to objectively look at yourself and evaluate their actions just as they assess the actions of others. " Thus, according to Dr. Jami, mirror indicates harmful food lovers to the discrepancy of their standards of behavior of a healthy lifestyle and a feeling of discomfort. And it, in turn, does not enjoy to the full, for example, the same cakes and distorts like their taste.

Silence (and awareness)

Here is what could save us from overeating, confident at Brigham Young University. For example, when we're having dinner with loud music or TV set, they choke our chewing, chomping, swallowing, crunching, and so on - and we eat more. Everything changes, it is worth us just to hear or even think (as we are assured, scientists), what sounds we publish during the meal. Professor Ryan Elder (Ryan Elder) says: "When you have them drowned out, for example, a TV, you are depriving yourself of one of the senses distort the perception of food, and this can lead to what you eat more than usual. The difference may seem obscure - such as only one crunchy pretzel for the evening is less - but it can become noticeable in a week, a month or a year. "

Clean around

In addition to delivering aesthetic and other pleasures, still plays an important role in the issue of calorie intake. This sure is one of the authors of the study Lenny Vartanian (Lenny Vartanian): ?To be in a chaotic environment is bad for diets. It makes people think: "Everything went out of control, so why should I hold back?". I think this also applies to men. " The experiment was conducted on women: some ten minutes left on the kitchen clean and quiet, and the other - at the same time, untidy and constantly ringing phone. In both cases, participants could help themselves crackers, sweet cookies and carrots. In the second group ate an average of more than 65 calories. So those who want to maintain their shape, Australian researchers urge to maintain and clean the kitchen.

Restocking often

If you still are not sure when to eat, set the alarm clock so that it worked 4-5 hours after a balanced meal. Experts believe that frequent food helps to maintain normal functioning of the body and maintain a stable blood sugar level, so you do not have to immediately "push" a meal without any discrimination.

Eat breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal. Studies show that adults who regularly eat breakfast, to get fewer calories throughout the day. If in the morning you do not feel hungry, have breakfast later. Not enough time? Prepare a meal in the evening, for example, make a fruit cutting. Yogurt or oatmeal fast food - a great start to the day.

Eat slowly

To receive food you should be treated as a special ritual and in a hurry. Carefully perezhovyvayte each piece to trick your body that it is full and it is enough. Slow Food tricks will help you to establish digestion. Dedicate yourself to snack at least 20 minutes.

Proper food intake are extremely useful not only losing weight, but those who are trying to build a culture of receiving food. Eat right and balanced, so that the body did not give any malfunction.