7 Reasons

Urination - delicate moment, which occurs several times a day with each of us, but no one discusses the problems with this aloud. Meanwhile, according to what your urine smell - you can determine if all you do with health. Urologists recommend to pay attention to this issue and to consult a doctor if you smell seemed unusual. In normal human urine has virtually indistinguishable odor.

Here is what can change it:


Asparagus, turnips, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, garlic - give a pungent smell, and that's fine. If you remember, recently ate them, do not worry.


If you are constantly drinking coffee - the smell of coffee will be with you and in the toilet.

WHAT YOU did not drink

If you hear a sharp smell of ammonia, it may be a symptom of dehydration. Urine thickens, becomes dark and unpleasant smells. Just drink plenty of clean water.

Light amplification smell in the morning is normal for a person, as for the night, we lose a lot of moisture from the breath and sweat.


From banal vitaminok to antibiotics. Particularly unpleasant odor give urine sulfonamides, used for treatment of infections, and in epileptic disorders.

This can be INFECTION

But if all of the above reasons do not fit, and has a sharp smell of urine, and even more so if the process is accompanied by a burning sensation or a sharp pain - should contact a physician. This may be one of many urinary tract infections.

This can be DIABETES

Slightly sweet smell indicates the presence of sugar in urine. If in this case you have constant thirst, headaches and the need to urinate more often than usual - to the doctor.

In diabetes, there may be two kinds of odors. Sweet and pleasant, like candy, is the problem aminoksilot decay. Musty and sweet - liver problems. In any case, need advice.

The reason for an immediate visit to the doctor:

Change in urine color to a darker, lasting longer than one day.

Any suspected blood in urine.

Any unpleasant odor and pain.