It found a way to teach the immune system how to destroy the tumor

Scientists from the University of Southampton have discovered a method that helps the body's immune system to recognize and destroy malignant tumors. This is another step in the development of the most promising technologies of cancer treatment called immunotherapy.

The immune system of our body include cytotoxic T cells, which constantly seek out and destroy an infection or tumor. When they come to grips with the threat and eliminate it, the majority of cells in this die, but the rest are transformed into memory cells that recognize a threat when she returns. However, how this mechanism works, it was not precisely known until recently.

The study found that a protein called Akt is critical for the survival of T cells and of the process, during which they become memory cells. It is also possible to find out how Akt helps them respond to future threats. Scientists have observed the fact how the protein necessary to memorize body tumor disappears therefrom.

The researchers found that Akt has a very significant impact on the number and variety of memory T-cells. Authors observations argue that if we learn to act on the protein to increase the number of memory cells, the person will get extra protection against cancer. Immunotherapy is already recognized as the most promising method of treating cancer, but science must find ways to improve the body's immune memory in the control of malignant cells.

If our immune system is to identify cancer more quickly, we will get more effective treatment. Obtaining new information about the work of the immune system and the manner in which it recognizes and attacks the tumor, it paves the way for the development of more effective methods of immunotherapy. In the future, you need to figure out how to work Akt stimulation method, and how safe it is for patients.