How to keep the beauty and energy of menopausal

Emotions over the edge, emerging "from the air" extra weight, insomnia, excessive sweating - all these delights of menopause risk facing almost every woman age c. How to improve your quality of life at this time?

From 43 to 57 years - our women menopause occurs during this age period, says Inna Kandrashova, k.m.n, obstetrician gynecologist.

However, reproductive function may fade away and a little later and a little earlier - it all depends on the genetic characteristics of a woman. Contrary to the popular belief that time is not some kind of a critical period, and does not mean the end of a normal active life. Indeed, due to lower levels of estrogen a woman sees in his new body, the doctor said.

The first symptoms of MENOPAUSE

Menstrual irregularities in the direction of its shortening or lengthening (from 19-21 days in the first case and 35-40 - in the second case);

Instability emotional state: you suddenly crying because of what had not bothered or annoyed for nothing, who previously would not have noticed;

The feeling of tiredness, fatigue and decreased performance, reluctance to do anything; appearance begins to "act up";

Change in appearance: appears overweight, wrinkles, nails become more brittle, and his hair - dry and weak teeth require special attention and frequent visits to the dentist;

Changing sensations in sexual relationships due to lack of hormone changes the state of the vaginal mucosa, which leads to discomfort during sexual intercourse and reduction of sexual desire.

Since the body of every woman is unique, these changes may take place gradually over several years, or manifest enough "extra". In any case in modern medicine either individually or all at once, they are not able to select at its women beauty and attractiveness of sexuality.

What to ask the doctor?

The doctor will ask you in detail about the way of life, symptoms of concern and will need diagnosis, including a pelvic ultrasound, breast ultrasound, general clinical, biochemical analysis of blood, analysis of hemostasis, can sometimes require analyzes on hormones. effective and safe maintenance therapy can not be assigned without such surveys. In no case do not self: self-administration of various drugs, including hormonal (alas, on the Internet a lot of "experts" who are ready to tell you how and what to take), can lead to life-threatening conditions.

Remember, your body - a personality that can not be adapted to the standard recommendations: every woman has their own particular nutrient absorption, reaction to medications and more.

DO NOT BE AFRAID hormone replacement therapy

This therapy is carefully and always strictly individually selected doctor, based on several studies: analyzes of the external examination, mammography and others. When the correct scheme hormonal treatment effectively cope with the symptoms of menopause and has terrible side effects, which are accepted. If for some reason you refuse hormonal therapy, your doctor may prescribe a non-hormonal drugs, including plant origin, the effect of which is similar to the hormone, though not as effectively.

Sports practiced

Swimming, yoga, dancing, jogging - yes anything. The main thing - physical activity. This will not only speed slowed down in the hormonal background metabolism, but also increase libido. Optional card to buy an expensive fitness club: evening walk in the park for 3-4 km is also an excellent choice of physical activity.

Follow the diet

If, before the menopause, you could afford three donut at night and it is not reflected in the figure, with the onset of menopause can affect even one figure. Alas, the metabolism slows down with age. Therefore, after 40 years of your usual calorie daily diet should be reduced by at least 10% of the usual old you are in the 30. This will help avoid weight fluctuations.

Do not try to lose weight ANY COST

Firstly, malnutrition in principle leads to early ovarian failure. Secondly, adipose tissue performs including hormonal function, and - producing the female sex hormones. Therefore, women are too thin are experiencing the symptoms of menopause easier, and in principle they have a chance to postpone menopause 1-2 years.

Give up smoking

Or at least reduce the number of cigarettes. Early menopause, as well as more severe menopause is typical for 30% of women who smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day for at least 4-5 years. The most dangerous substances contained in the tobacco for the female reproductive system are nicotine and its derivatives, as well as resin. They cause changes (degradation) has generated an estrogen and reduces the hormonal ovarian function.