Fatty food increases the pressure is not at all

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is set in the regulation of metabolism in the body of electrolyte and the regulation of blood pressure. A team of scientists from the Charite University Hospital in Berlin, Jena University Hospital and Health Center study of twins HealthTwiSt GmbH Berlin checked whether the regime has the power to influence the level of ACE, and examined the value of inheritance in the process.

The first stage of the experiment was conducted with 46 healthy pair of twins with normal and elevated levels of weight. First, they are within six weeks of receiving a healthy diet with high carbohydrates and low-fat - diet in order to bring the test power to a common denominator. This was followed by six weeks of feeding with vosokim saturated fat. During this time, the weight gain was only slight, however, some interesting patterns were discovered fizioogicheskie.

Regardless of changes in body weight in a short period of time could cause the fatty foods in subjects ACE increase by about 15%. At the same time it revealed a role of genetic factors. Subjects - homozygous carriers of a specific variant of the gene ACE - ACE index was high even before the appointment of a fatty diet. After fatty food ACE levels have jumped twice as high as others. Also they had higher blood pressure levels - an average of 9 mm Hg. Art. higher than the rest. The subsequent cross-checking the results of another experiment, 365 participants confirmed the identification of trends.