Five delicious teas that you can make instead of black

Many of us, giving up of black tea, for various reasons, are looking for their new favorite varieties. Experts shared a selection of the most useful types of tea, which appeal to you to taste.

Black and green tea is different as black and white: the fact that although both the drink and made from the same plant, for black tea leaf goes a long oxidation, and for green - almost not oxidized. In addition, each drink has its own special flavor, aroma and beneficial properties. And despite the fact that black tea is very popular, and in his own good, you should pay attention to other, less useful and original varieties.

Green tea

Since today is not only lazy heard about the amazing properties of green tea, we start with the fact that the list of its few shortcomings. Firstly, it contains a lot of caffeine, and its tonic effect can lead to sleep disturbances: why not get involved in green tea in the evening. And secondly, it has strong diuretic effect and may cause dehydration.

The undeniable advantage of the green tea to black is that it is a strong antioxidant, which slows down the aging process and protects our body from damage at the genetic level. Some scientists also proved its high antimicrobial activity. In addition, green tea is known for its ability to increase fat oxidation, accelerate the metabolism and fight bad cholesterol. People who drink green tea regularly are less prone to the risk of developing many types of cancer and heart disease.

White tea

The main advantage of white tea over its competitors is that its manufacturing tea leaf is preserved in its original form with all the natural beneficial properties. This tea is considered the drink of youth, it was his delicate taste and aroma of prized Chinese emperors.

It almost does not contain caffeine, but boasts a high content of minerals and vitamins C and B. In addition, white tea is very refreshing and helps to quench your thirst.


Oolong tea - is a cross between green and black tea, which means that it incorporates the best features of both. In addition to the bright taste and delicate flavor, oolong tea has an impressive number of useful properties. It high amounts of vitamins, including vitamin C prevails - the champion of the fight against various infections.

Moderate caffeine content in the tea perfectly tones the body and does not bring it to the insomnia. Oolong tea is recommended to drink on a regular basis to people who are watching their figures: it speeds up metabolism and helps weight loss.


Puer tea - a special kind of tea, which eventually gets better: this expensive varieties of tea are kept for about 20 years. Classic Puer during welding provides rich dark brown color and thick aroma with notes of nuts.

This tea has many medicinal properties: it helps with diseases of the stomach and ulcers, uluchaet the body's metabolism and causes cholesterol levels to normal. Just like green tea, Puer - a powerful antioxidant, and it is recommended to use for cancer prevention.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas - the name is not quite true: to be precise, this category includes all drinks, which are obtained when brewing a variety of plants. Nevertheless, the number of beneficial properties of herbal drinks from it is not reduced, and cvoimi healing qualities of herbal tea does not concede to the green and black tea.

Each plant is useful in a particular disease: watch your health, and for the prevention of various illnesses choose your herbal tea. For example, cough is best helps thyme, pain, and abdominal cramping - chamomile. Currant tea lowers blood pressure, mint and pustyrnikovy - calm and considered the most vitamin rooibos, tea, ginseng, raspberry and calendula.

Note Hibiscus tea - it for its medicinal properties in the Arab world was nicknamed "cure-all": a decoction of the leaves of the hibiscus contains a lot of vitamins and organic acids, has antipyretic properties and contributes to the overall tone of the body.