breath analysis will help the victims of cancer of the stomach and esophagus

A simple breath analysis can save lives at the expense of early diagnosis of cancer. British researchers have shown that this analysis up to 85% recognize tumors of the stomach and the esophagus at an early stage.

Traditionally, the two types of cancer are diagnosed quite late, as they are developed for a long time without obvious symptoms. As a result, patients are only ghostly chance to win over the disease. Scientists hope that a new analysis of breath sooner or later lead to a reliable method of early diagnosis of cancer, making treatment of the disease is much more efficient and will save many lives.

It is also expected that this test will help doctors avoid holding is not always necessary endoscopy - diagnostic procedure, during which the patient must swallow a long intestine, which the esophagus descends into his stomach.

This procedure is extremely expensive and uncomfortable for humans. It is noted that after the diagnosis of stomach or esophageal tumors approximately 85% of patients die within the next 5 years. Now scientists believe that by using the new breath analysis, which measures the level of five different chemical substances, cancer diagnosis can be carried out at much earlier stages.

These chemicals provide valuable information about the presence of tumors and their stages, and give evidence of serious gastrointestinal disorders.