Coffee threatening chronic diseases

One of the most popular beverage in the diet food, as it turned out, can cause chronic disorders in women. This is the conclusion, researchers from Harvard.

The fair sex is better not to get involved in coffee and not have the habit of drinking his cup. This suggestion was made by members of the Harvard Research Center, recently completed another project to study the impact of caffeine on the human body.

In particular, physicians have found that among heavy coffee lovers are much more common chronic diseases of the bladder and incontinence problems. Noticing this trend and explore the attendant factors, the researchers concluded that regular consumption of coffee over a certain action is closely linked with the development of abnormalities in the urogenital system of women.

That "critical threshold", according to their data, the figure is 450 mg of caffeine a day - about four cups of coffee. Women who had the habit of drinking it in the specified amount, just manifested the highest risk of disease of the bladder. Those who consumed less than 300 mg of caffeine per day, such problems were noted, the experts noted.

"It has been observed that in cases where the 4 cups of coffee drank every day for at least 4 years - women develop chronic urinary incontinence due to the cumulative effect of elevated levels of caffeine" - specified the authors of the work.