Top 5 taboo bedtime

Lack of sleep adversely affects the condition of the body. Experts are sure that the dream should not only be sufficient for the time, but also quality.

To sleep and relaxation during the night, the experts advised to see to it that you spend a few hours before bedtime. Specialists in bed brought a list of what not to do before going to bed:

Drink alcohol

In addition to sleep after drinking alcohol will be anxious and superficial, you do not give a rest, factors such as crowded bladder and dehydration.

Excessive use of gadgets

Stare at the computer screen, tablet or smartphone is harmful for several reasons. First of all, the glare from the computer screen or a smartphone screen stimulates the brain to work, and this affects the production of hormones necessary for good sleep - melatonin. Second, excess or disturbing information also makes the brain to relax and sleep becomes shallow.

Load the heavy reading matter

Read bedtime possible and even necessary. However, even if the reading is easy and fun. Complex and intense literary opus leave for another time - unpleasant thoughts will not give sleep or nightmares manifest.

Take a hot bath

Oddly enough, take a hot bath before going to bed - unprofitable for a good sleep. The fact is that during sleep the body temperature drops a few degrees, while the hot bath, on the contrary, increases your temperature. Thus, the body will have to spend more time on the reduction in body temperature. Ideal - take a bath for a few hours before bedtime - as long as you are getting ready for bed, the temperature returns to normal, and you will fall asleep quickly and easily.


Full of the stomach - not the best companion a quality sleep. Overeating before bed is not necessary, but it is not necessary and starve yourself. And nutritionists and experts for healthy sleep are unanimous: a great choice for the evening meal will be a light salad, a small portion of meat or cheese, and fruit. Then a healthy and sound sleep is provided to you!