Loneliness kills the body at the cellular level

Psychologists from the University of California in Los Angeles, explained exactly what loneliness is harmful to human health. It turns out that we need to communicate in order to maintain cell activity.

Loneliness is a negative factor for the life of cells, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, as the researchers found. The state of social isolation genes in our bodies are exposed to an undesirable impact, due to which increases the likelihood of inflammation and immunity decreases. As a result, single people most vulnerable to viral infections. Man is a social animal who needs the company. Under normal circumstances, people are surrounded by friends and family, with whom they share their own experiences. It is an evolutionary mechanism is necessary for our survival.

If social dialogue is needed for life, social isolation has a toxic effect, the study found. That is why loneliness is so dangerous not only for the mental, and physical health. It has been proved that single people are more likely to experience mood disorders and depression, they are more common heart disease, hypertension, disorders of the immune system and nervous system disorders.

Conducted in 2015. The study showed that social isolation increases the risk of premature death by 26%. In the US and the UK one in three people over 65 years living alone, and half the people in America over 85 years alone. Now, researchers have figured out how loneliness affects the body at the cellular level.