Trophic ulcer: herbal medicine for wound healing and recovery

Trophic ulcer is formed as a result of eating disorders tissues, leading to the emergence of focus tissue necrosis.

Trophic ulcer is observed in diseases and injuries of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves (eg, on the foot in the defeat of the sciatic nerve), atherosclerosis, diabetes, endarteritis, varicose disease and some other diseases.

Treatment of trophic ulcers is primarily directed to the treatment of the underlying disease that led to the emergence of ulcers (varicose disease, diabetes, and others.).


With a total of herbal medicine is recommended the following charges:

? sweet flag root and wheatgrass, wild rosemary herb, Polygonum pochechuynogo, oregano and turns, burnet root, raspberry leaf - equally;

? kidney birch, grass succession, knotweed, clover, motherwort and Repeshko, calendula flowers, mullein and meadowsweet, burdock root and primrose - equally;

? fireweed leaves, plantain and blueberry, dandelion root and chicory, chamomile flowers, thyme herb and celandine, leaf green beans - equally;

? birch buds, leaves cranberries and cuff, herb Polygonum pochechuynogo, clover, toadflax, Viola tricolor and horsetail, viburnum bark - equally.

Preparation and application of fees

Two tablespoons pre-shredded (in a coffee grinder or grinder) collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, bring to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes in a sealed container, to merge with the grass in a thermos, insist night. Take during the day by 100-150 ml for 30 minutes before eating. You can add honey, sugar, jam to improve the taste.

Improvement occurs within 2-3 weeks of regular intake of herbs. However, the lasting effect can be achieved only in case of prolonged and regular use of herbs (for 8-12 months or longer).

Local herbal medicine

Local venous ulcers herbal medicine is conducted only lotions. For lotions take such plant combinations:

? the root of Polygonum snake, dandelion and elecampane, calendula flowers and meadowsweet, lady's mantle and plantain leaf, geranium herb, bark viburnum, juniper fruits or needles - equally;

? clover flowers, flax seeds, leaves mother and stepmother, and eucalyptus, alder cones, grass sage, thyme, mountaineer pochechuynogo and nettle, oak bark - equally;

? St. John's wort herb, mint, turnip, and Highlander series pochechuynogo, burdock root, primrose and burnet, birch buds - equally;

? mullein flowers, raspberry leaf, celandine grass, knotweed, oregano and nettle - equally;

? Flax seed, dandelion root, and sedge grass veronica, geranium, mountaineer pochechuynogo, lavender, toadflax and horsetail - equally.

Preparation and application of lotions

Lotions are prepared in the same manner as fitosbory for intake of water takes only 2-fold less. Infusion moistened folded into 4-6 layers of cheesecloth, squeeze lightly and put on the skin surface and covered with polyethylene and fixing bandage. Lotions change 2-3 times a day.

Dressings with trophic ulcers

? At night, make a compress on the basis of water infusion of fruits of sea buckthorn, in the absence of fruit, you can use sea buckthorn oil.

? Mix the honey and butter in equal shares. Prepare a strong decoction cottonweed. Cool. The four parts of a mixture of butter and honey mixed with 1 part broth cottonweed. Use as an ointment. Lubricate the wound (ulcer), bandage. Keep the compress for at least 6 hours.

? To prepare the mixture to take equally fir turpentine, pork suet, wax of bee. The mixture is brought to a boil and boil for 15 minutes on low heat. One tablespoon of quicklime dissolved in 1 liter of warm water. Cooked "lime water" wash the ulcer, then apply a bandage with the mixture.

? Finely grate the carrot of a new crop. Generously cover the grated carrots ulcer. Apply a bandage, not take off for 4 hours.

? The leaves of fresh cabbage grind in a food processor, mix with egg white. Generously cover with a mixture of an ulcer. Apply a bandage, not take off within an hour. The highest therapeutic effect give the quail eggs.

? Forty grams of fresh burdock roots push for a day in 100 g of crude sunflower oil. Then cook for 15 minutes on low heat, strain through a large sieve. Lubricate sores 3 times a day. Before going to bed apply an elastic bandage.

? Five grams of crushed marigold flowers grind with 25 g of petroleum jelly. Bandage with ointment prepared before going to bed.

? Five pieces of dried and pounded into powder kidney aspen, 6 pieces of dried and pounded into powder kidney poplar, 16 parts of rural butter mix. Generously cover the ulcer, wrap and keep until morning.

? Fresh green leaves and stalks of the celery chop without loss of juice, mix with olive oil to the consistency of thick cream. Generously cover the ulcer, bandage and do not remove until the morning.

? Fresh or dried leaves steamed plum grind, mix with butter in a ratio of 1: 2. Prepare a compress, not to shoot until the morning.

? One tablespoon of hops powder rub with 1 tbsp. spoon pork suet. Apply compresses at night.

? Ten grams of chestnut bark pour 200 ml of boiling water. Boil in a water bath for 30 minutes. Infuse 1 hour, drain. Make compresses to the area affected by varicose veins.

? To prepare a mixture of equal parts flowers take chestnut, marshmallow root, chamomile flowers, comfrey root. Boil 1 tbsp. spoon the mixture in 1 cup water. Make compresses 2-3 times a day.