Some facts about the benefits of fasting

Experts once again told, what will you have the right hunger: education willpower resumption number of healthy cells in the brain and other positive results.

The really useful starvation


Destructive addictions to food, alcohol and stimulants, sabotaging behavior that is the opposite of willpower. They are slowly destroying our lives. Fasting is, a deliberate rejection of the fundamental need, pumps determination more than anything else. Learn to control your appetite and control "dubious pleasures" will give you a lot easier.


Fasting in fact increases the amount of normal brain cells. The absence of large amounts of food reduces oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and resists reduction of cognitive functions. In addition, a reasonable diet increases your ability to focus and concentrate on one thing.

Superhuman health

Fasting "resets" your immune system, protecting it from damage by free radicals. Diet advocates a kind of an authorized official of inflammatory conditions in the body. With a measured power level of blood pressure is stable and high, also increased the content of growth hormone.


Many people do suffer from aberrant circadian rhythms. This danger is not perceived very serious reason. Lack of rest leads to serious mental problems and reduce our physical evidence as a whole. Studies have also shown that a 16-hour fasting can relieve tiredness and restore normal sleep cycle.


Remember the adage of well-fed belly, which is not very much and learn? Recent research scientists from Yale University have fully confirmed the installation, which are known by our ancestors. An empty stomach helps a person focus. Fasting can be considered a very budget funds to increase the level of concentration and mental alertness.

inspiration flow

The habit of fasting allows the person to feel the matter on a more subtle level. No esoteric, and other nonsense: we corny release the clogged food taste and sensation receptors. Many writers and musicians are fasting on a regular basis - it's easier to "catch the wave".


Proper diet cleanses the skin and makes the whites of the eyes piercingly clear. The reason for this, scientists have found release of human growth hormone which, among other advantages, plays an important role in detoxification.