Named 6 errors when using

Microwave ovens are installed in nearly every home, and many people think that they know how to operate the device. However, experts in the field of healthy food from France called the 6 errors associated with the use of microwave ovens, which in any case can not do.

Leave food without control. Microwaves are often used by people who have a lot of other things around the house, but do not forget about the dish that prepare you. Otherwise there is a risk of overheating the foods that make them unhealthy.

The use of plastic containers. You do not need to cook the food in a microwave oven in plastic containers, since they contain almost all the bisphenol-A and other chemicals affecting the hormone system. These substances are released upon heating. Do not use containers that are specifically designed for the microwave.

Refusal of mixing food. In the microwave heating is uneven, so the food is best to mix as cooking. Foods with high water content such as vegetables cook faster than meat. Therefore, if you cook the meat with vegetables, make sure that heat is distributed evenly.

Impatience. Correctly set the cooking time it ensures maximum safety and health benefits. Do not remove from the microwave food that is not prepared to end, even if you are in a hurry.

Refusal of kitchen gloves. A container inside the microwave oven heats up strongly enough, and if you try to remove it with your bare hands, you'll get burned. Therefore, be sure to use kitchen gloves or towels.

Use of polyethylene film. Even if you only defrost food in the microwave, it is impossible to leave it in a plastic film. It may melt and leak harmful chemicals.