Doctors pointed to early signs of heart disease

Learn about developing heart ailment can be difficult, because the blood vessels of heart disease and tend to last for a hardly noticeable symptoms for a long time.

Attending physicians have told about it and gave a picture of the unpleasant symptoms that suggest heart problems.

In many cases, cardiovascular disease remains undetected until the occurrence of significant issues, including presenting an immediate threat to life (stroke, heart attack). Physicians emphasized that early detection of these diseases makes it possible to avoid complications, and making positive changes in lifestyle to effectively help their treatment.

Cardiologists have named a few symptoms of heart disease, which, according to them, should never be ignored. One of these symptoms - this change in a heartbeat, rapid heartbeat when interspersed with fading. Participation of the number of such attacks can indicate the presence of the arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation, experts noted.

Also alarming symptom, according to cardiologists, is the appearance of shortness of breath. If it occurs while walking or after a light exercise, then there are problems with the cardiovascular system, doctors suggest.

In addition, the deterioration in the condition of the heart speak swelling of body parts that do not have an explanation - especially repetitive, and combined with any other symptom of a heart ailment. In the same line, any pain that is felt in the chest and hands in the left arm, neck, jaw or back.

Frequent episodes of sudden fatigue, weakness and dizziness may also indicate a decrease in cardiovascular activity, the scientists added.