Named products with the longest effect satiety

To maintain harmony and health nutritionists recommend eating foods that provide a feeling of satiety for a long time, and at the same time supply the body with nutrients - vitamins and minerals. The experts made a top list of such products.

What food helps be reluctant to always something to chew on, in the field of nutrition experts told in the pages of the electronic newspaper "The Age". Many will be surprised, but they have made to the list of products with long-term 'satiety effect "potatoes.

"Calorie product and a feeling of satiety, which he can provide, do not always coincide. One medium potato, baked or boiled in their jackets in combination with vegetable salad, will be enough for a complete and balanced meal, which for a long time will give the feeling ", - noted nutritionists.

According to them, the potatoes can be combined with cheese or low-fat varieties of fish - but not with fat meat.

Also, experts have advised more often to eat lunch foods rich in iodine. All seafood, including accessible and laminaria seaweed, sea salt, promote proper metabolic work of the thyroid gland, which is reflected in appetite and weight, the researchers reported.

In addition, keep your appetite under control and do not overeat effectively help to nuts, especially almonds and citrus, they added.