Doctors explained the body's signals for help

Some changes in the usual state - it is nothing as special signals to the body that is in need of help or treatment. Therapists tell what they mean.

How to understand the important signals of the body, the scientists explained in the edition of the publication "The Age". Experts, in particular, advised to pay close attention to what happens to the exterior.

So that became dry skin often it means that the body lacks vitamin E. Brittle hair and nails, in turn, "say" about the shortage of B vitamins, calcium.

Another unpleasant symptom is irritability, often accompanied by sleep disorders. This feature may be a signal that the body is suffocating from a lack of magnesium and potassium, noted physicians. Some people with such a violation begin to show night cramps.

Rough skin on elbows, too, in many cases indicates a lack of vitamins - especially vitamins A and C. To fill the shortfall, as the paramedics say, almost always at the expense of power - it must be more healthy fats and natural plant products.

But it is interesting that the need for certain foods may also be a sign of some internal problems. So, nervous exhaustion pull on the sweet, when suffering from gastrointestinal toxins and toxins - on a bitter, experts noted. A strong desire to eat something salty, they say, often indicate an infection or exacerbation of inflammatory processes, primarily in the urogenital system.