6 types of people, from whom better to stay away

To be in bad company - simple. Very often we are surrounded by people who should not be close.

Therefore, you should always devote some time to analyze your social circle. Enjoy your stay close to these people or not.

After all, each of us in the end I want to be with those who are helped to grow and develop, who would have appreciated and helped us a positive effect.

The problem is that very often the reality does not match our expectations and dreams. And you need to accept the fact that some people have to move away to keep moving on his way, and not to stay "on the road". This is - your guarantee of a better life in the future.

And here are some types of people, from whom better to stay as far as possible, if you do not want them to hurt you.

1. Indignant criticism.

Hearing criticism from time to time - it is absolutely normal (whether it is negative or positive).

But there are people who can not get around their attention, none of your actions, and it will always be perceived by them as "wrong". They will always find a reason to disapprove speak or even look at you askance.

But the problem is not you, but in them. The fact is that when someone is not satisfied with their lives and feel like a failure, he subconsciously seeks to assert themselves at the expense of others. He believes that everyone else in your life will suffer the same sad fate. And is close to such people is very bad, even dangerous.

They prevent you from developing hinder your personal growth because it lowers your level of confidence in ourselves and lower self-esteem. "Indignant criticism", as a rule, are very cruel, and it does not matter, they hurt you or not.

2. Manipulators

Another type of people, from which it is best to stay away, it handles, although they may be difficult to recognize.

Often, they have great potential, some "power" over you, forcing you to do what you need them to. They use people resorting to any tricks, such people do not stop at nothing. The main thing for them - to get things done.

However, they usually do not disclose their intentions. They are trying to manipulate your emotions that you experienced feelings of guilt or responsibility.

If you are a kind and empathetic, they will be even easier to do so. They instantly find these are your "weaknesses".

But you must understand that this class of people stopping you to meet their own needs, they try to keep you busy with their personal interests, so that you "worked" for them.

For this reason, you should as soon as possible to move away from them, and to maintain a certain distance in communication.

3. Liars

Lies - a very common phenomenon in our daily lives. But if the people close to you cheating on you with an enviable constancy, it is quite obvious that they just do not respect you.

This is also a people on whom should stay away. And it must be done before they have time to cause you harm.

Just do not notice many of these lies.

Just do not have to feel guilty for what you delete them from your life. In the end, if they so easy to distort the reality of the situation, then they probably will sooner or later draw you into their lies and create unnecessary problems.

4. Pessimists

Pessimism - a state of mind in which any situation, whatever it may be, may seem clouded and "must necessarily end badly."

Therefore, we believe that the following type of "bad" for us humans - is pessimistic. Those that see everything in black.

They always splash out my emotions out, and there is no doubt that in your head will soon be spinning the worst scenario.

And the worst part is that the bad thoughts materialize, have such a property. And pessimists themselves create a "bad" situation.

And even if you have several options for possible solutions to a particular problem, they will always find reasons and excuses why "nothing happens." And then be in your shoes would be very tedious.

5. Petty and vile people

Meanness and pettiness - it is one of the worst qualities that people can enjoy only. They will find any excuse to not give you anything.

And in this case we have in mind not only material goods.

They just have no intention to help someone. And it's not selfish, although it is often confused with human pettiness.

Such people are always looking for someone else and try to support in any situation derive benefits (even if it would be something very small).

Such friends are very fond of fun to go with you, but when it comes, for example, to pay the bill in a restaurant, they find a way to disappear or otherwise avoid spending money.

6. Whisperer

The last type of people, from which it is better to move away, it's gossip.

The desire to talk about other shows that they are not confident in themselves. This type of people can not make the difference between their conjectures and simply bad information transfer.

A gossip can hurt so many people, if not treated carefully to their feelings.

For this reason, spend their time talking with gossipers - is to destroy your image in the eyes of others. You have real enemies can appear even completely inadvertently.

And another argument where you guarantee that these people do not talk, gossip bad including about you when you turn your back on them?

Be able to recognize the people from whom you should stay away

In addition to these types of people, of course, there are others that can harm you if you are not careful. Of these, we told you about how the most common. Start with these and you will find that life has become much easier and more enjoyable.

And if you recognize yourself in any description, then you have a great opportunity to work on yourself and take care so that the welfare of his surroundings.

Make adjustments in their behavior and attitude towards people, so you then do not regret, if someone is very good of you to turn away suddenly.