4 February, the International Day against cancer - oncologists Live!

February 4 at the world celebrate the International Day against cancer. The aim of the Day - not just to attract public attention to the global problem, and to convey important information about methods of struggle with malignant tumors and conditions that allow them to successful treatment.

Experts say that detected at an early stage of cancer is curable in most cases, a number of diseases that we ourselves can be prevented if treated carefully to their own health. Proper handling of information and knowledge on prevention and what to do if the tumor is still found today are saving lives. That is why Israel's Hospital Oncology February 4 gives all who are not indifferent to their own health and the health of their loved ones, the possibility of on-line information from the horse's mouth - ask questions to leading doctors LISOD.

Online consultation of specialists with enormous experience in the treatment of malignant tumors can be vital to obtain a second medical opinion, to bring clarity and understanding to a particular situation. You can also learn about modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of a particular type of cancer.

After all, in recent years these methods have advanced far ahead. Thanks to new developments in the field of targeted therapy and immunotherapy, and radiation therapy, and surgery, many cancers can be treated successfully.

February 4 with 13:00 in the press center Information Agency "Ukrainian News" with all who will communicate clinical oncology, gynecological oncology surgeon and the hospital mammolog. In YouTube format translation doctors answer questions of any difficulty relating to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Open communication, guidance and expert advice will help to better understand the problem, draw the right conclusions and to develop an action plan.

Questions can be sent beforehand to 17:00 at 030217: [email protected] , or ask to live with 02042017 13:00 online chat https://youtu.be/B2cTsX3ONMk

Questions to Dr. announce moderator. If the doctor does not have time to consider live, be sure to write the answer on the page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LISOD