Reduced immunity: 5 unexpected signals

Everyone knows that a strong immune system is important for the normal functioning of the body. Its strengthening we remind ourselves, when infections and viruses caught by surprise. At these moments, we are ready to try all possible methods to reduce the symptoms of colds and quickly get back into shape.

Perhaps the most obvious signal that the immune system time to regenerate and strengthen - it is susceptible to seasonal diseases. However, there are other less obvious symptoms reduce immunity.

1. Fatigue

Constant fatigue can be a sign of a weak immune system. The fact that the body needs huge amounts of energy to fight off viruses and germs. It happens that latent infections disguised as fatigue. A weak body has poor protection and, therefore, unable to fight germs.

2. Digestive problems

Digestive system - an important component of the immune system. About 80% of the body's defenses are in the intestine. Failure of the digestive system, namely, frequent indigestion and flatulence - are among the signals that it is time to strengthen the body's defenses.

3. The slow healing of wounds and abrasions

A healthy immune system greatly increases the body's ability to heal itself, reducing the risk of infection. If every small cut or abrasion for a long time to heal - a symptom of low immunity.

4. Prolonged stress

People often ignore the effects of stress on various spheres of life. Constant stress provokes chronic disease or inflammation, and has a negative impact on the immune system. Cortisol - a stress hormone inhibits the work of white blood cells, which makes a person vulnerable to colds. Of course, nowadays it is practically impossible to avoid stressful situations, but you should learn to distance themselves from them and devote time to rest.

5. Excessive consumption of sweet

If you've noticed that often sick and it last longer than usual, it is possible to deal with excessive craving for sweets. The fact that the sugar weakens the immune system by destroying white blood cells that are responsible for creating antibodies for combating harmful microorganisms that attack the body. Often the craving for sweets says about the lack of lack of minerals such as magnesium, chromium and phosphorus. Try to include in the diet of foods containing elements that are so required by your body.