10 reasons why not go the extra kilos

If you throughout the month, and more than watch your diet, and weight does not go away, and stands on the site, look for the cause in the list, which leads experts.

1. Is everything OK with the thyroid gland?

If you have hypothyroidism, ie thyroid function is significantly reduced, you do not lose weight until you get a handle on this problem. The first symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue, depression, constant melancholy and apathy. You are chuckled and thought that winter is a typical condition for all? That's the danger: writing off his fortune to bad weather, the lack of sun and dreary prospect to live for a while in the dark and cold, you may miss disease. If you live in a state of "Life - decay" - immediately to the doctor. You need to donate blood for levels of hormones thyroxine T4 and triiodothyronine T3.

2. Is it too you relaxed?

If in your life lately come entirely positive developments, please close, beloved pets, the chief praises and delight friends, we are very happy for you, but it is this sense of well-being and peace of mind can be the cause of reducing the metabolism. People experiencing so-called "positive stress" are more active metabolism and easily lose weight compared to staying in a state of relaxation. "Positive" is considered to be the stress of exercise, emotional empathy real people or characters of the books and films, sound thrills, like the ones that the person is experiencing a roller coaster.

3. So whether you eat enough?

What if the weight does not go away? If you estimate the amount of food consumed by volume batches, check whether crept into the list of foods that you eat, some zhirnenky psevdodietichesky enemy - such as tofu, dried fruit or pineapple, which is not as harmless as they seem.

4. Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

It is no secret that healthy sleep affects the skin condition and overall health. But did you know that it directly affects the weight? The system is simple: to recuperate the body needs at least seven hours of sleep per night. With a smaller amount of rest the body is experiencing a shortage of energy. The energy of the body can produce, splitting fats. And that was that break down That's right, he collects them. Check to see if you enough sleep?

5. Have the main meal in the evening?

If you eat breakfast a cup of coffee, lunch sandwiches, and dinner to arrange a holiday belly, even if perfectly consistent daily calorie meals you'll stay in your weight. There are usually conditional counting calories at different times of the day. Calorie foods that you eat to 12-00 split into two; from 12 to 18 hours - consider, as it is; and then multiply the calorie content of 18-00 twice.

6. Do you feel constant hunger?

Usually this feeling pleased with losing weight: I'm hungry, so I eat a little, then I'm losing weight. Nothing like this! If you feel hungry, you're getting fat. Because the body has no idea about your wish to have a beautiful figure, but he knows for sure: the famine - it is bad. This is a signal that has fallen on hard times and need to store fat. More.

7. Are you freezing?

Body fat stores are needed not only to maintain the activity, but also for a banal protection from the cold. If you dress too easily or at your home and at work heating is not too good, the body can store fat well, to ensure the normal functioning of internal organs, because the lower the temperature, the slower operate all systems.

8. Or maybe you already thin?

The body has a built-in internal rules sensor. That weight that is normal for you. Adjusted for body (asthenic, or normostenicheskoe hypersthenic), to determine the rate you will help BMI: weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in centimeters. A normal BMI is between 18.5-24.9. If your result is less than 18.5 further weight loss is not only dangerous, but deadly. So stop lamenting "eat the weight does not go away," and start to eat normally.

9. Do you suffer from constipation?

Not the most appetizing moment, but we say - so frankly. If your body's excretory system fails, the weight of stagnation can be attributed to the fact that the intestines are full. Increase the amount of water drunk and eat more fiber: it is easily and quickly correct the situation.

10. Do you overdo with exercise?

If you are a frequenter of the gym, it is possible that your weight remains stable because the lighter fat substitute heavier muscle. That is, in amounts you fall off and not in kilograms. But is it the main thing - the numbers on the scales? If the waist became thinner, and the legs - slimmer, what difference does it show how many scales