The main symptoms of food allergy

Food allergies - a protective response of the body to any ingredient contained in the product. Often it happens that a person suffering from an allergy, not even aware of the presence he was of this disease. Clinical indicators of disease is very vague, can be manifested in different ways. That is why it is easy to confuse with a disorder of the intestinal tract, infections or colds.


In recent decades, cases of allergies have increased significantly. Previously, doctors converged on the view that the causes lie only in the genetic predisposition and the environment. But now expanded list of factors.

Heredity. Children whose parents is a form of the disease, often also faced with it. The sensitivity they can be quite different allergens.

Food. Various chemical additives, preservatives, flavoring evoke protective immune response because they are foreign to it.

Chemical substances. May produce glitches in the nervous and endocrine systems, leading to a weakened immunity.

Antibiotics at a young age. In the early years of a child's life are very important for the formation of the immune system. Antibiotic therapy breaks this natural process in the body.

Increased hygiene. Contact with various bacteria and microorganisms needed to the immune system is formed correctly. Excessive hygiene, cause the body to switch into harmless substances, and to deal with them.


Symptoms varied for each reaction to allergens can be manifested in different ways.

Rhinitis. Stuffy nose, swelling, discolored discharge.


Red itchy eyes, burning sensation.


Hearing loss, congestion and discomfort in the ears.


Bronhospastichesky syndrome.

Hard breath.



Colic, a condition of flatulence, diarrhea.


Skin rash, pruritus.


After the examination and delivery of all the necessary tests and analysis, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment. It is important to keep a food diary for the possibility of phasing out foods that cause a reaction. Follow diet, removing from your diet foods that trigger allergies often (eggs, honey, chocolate, dairy, legumes, citrus fruits). You should be careful in the use of new dishes.

It is important and taking medication. Appointment of antihistamines will help to correct the action of the immune system and relieve symptoms. There are treatment options and folk medicine. But without medical consultation it is prohibited to use them.

Control by the physician is a must, as is very unpredictable allergy. Occupation self-not only does not guarantee results, but it can do much harm.