Fear of bad news repels men from visiting doctors

Psychological fear of hearing bad news pushes more and more people visiting the doctors, which has a negative impact on their health. At particular risk middle-aged men who are not married.

A significant number of people of different age groups do not visit doctors even when experiencing certain symptoms. This is due to the fact that they are afraid to hear bad news. Sociologists from the United Kingdom found that this same fear is observed every third adult. Very often doctors do not go to middle-aged men, unmarried, who do not want to hear words such as "cancer" or "heart disease." For some reason they think that if they do not know about this diagnosis, then the disease will not come. Curiously, their peers, who are married or in a stable relationship, go to the hospital often. This is probably due to the fact that half of their show concern and encouraged to visit doctors.

Among other fears, repelling people from visiting medical institutions, called the fear of specific hospital facilities and medical instruments, fear of appearing weak and vulnerable, and fear before that treatment can cause impotence. The researchers emphasize that the "heavy" smokers who abuse alcohol and people who adhere to unhealthy diets and obesity victim, not significantly more likely to visit doctors because of the fear of bad news. They also do not want to be advised to change their lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

It is for these people, scientists call for more active development of diagnostic tools home: all kinds of portable tests and analyzes that can be carried out in comfort from a psychological point of view of the home, as well as mobile apps and all sorts of smart sensors that evaluate those or other indicators of human health. However, we still encourage people to use all of these tools.