How to cope with anxiety attacks: 6 simple tips

Panic attack - a condition that is difficult to give in "treatment". It usually occurs suddenly, people are literally losing control of his body, he can appear symptoms such as tachycardia, tremors, sweating, temporary loss of hearing or vision, etc.

Experts give some tips to learn to relax at the first signs and thus to overcome panic attacks naturally as possible.

anxiety attack or panic - this is a very intense reaction of the body to some irritants in which a person loses control of himself.

There may also experience the following symptoms:

Heavy sweating and chills.
The feeling of suffocation (lack of oxygen).
The feeling of tightness in the chest.
Dizziness, nausea or indigestion.
Fear and panic.

Bouts of anxiety can be of varying degrees of severity, they are directly connected with the negative (catastrophic) thoughts.

Develops this condition fairly quickly, so it is important to be aware of these techniques to use them as soon as possible if necessary.

1. Control breathing

Breathing is very important in a state of shock, as it can easily and quickly accelerate the appearance of the symptoms and thus aggravate the condition of man.

Therefore, the main thing to focus on your breathing as soon as possible, as soon as you feel the onset of an attack.

Sit down and try to breathe calmly and deeply, filling the air with the stomach and then the chest.

You can put your hands on your body (in the stomach or chest) to make it easier to follow the movements.

2. Eye movements

Eye movements can also help you cope with your anxiety and panic attacks. Another effective method is to overcome sadness and depression.

When we feel bad, our eyes tend to be lowered down. And if you want to deal with anxiety or prevent it, you need to force myself to look up.

This movement is necessary to make the eyes only, not the head. In a few moments you will notice how negative feelings disappear.

3. Essential oils

Essential oils have medicinal properties that allow us to prevent and even cure various diseases.

To cope with bouts of anxiety, we must choose between oils with relaxing and balancing properties. One should also not forget about the personal preferences of smells and flavors.

Most essential oils are recommended:

Angelika (Dyagel).

Essential oils can be used instead of perfume or by electric diffusers.

4. Cold water forever

This is a very simple trick to avoid panic attacks. It consists in the fact that need to splash myself with cold water on the closed eyes. If you like the feeling of coolness, you can "washing" the whole face.

Hydrotherapy (cold water) is a natural, simple and yet very effective way to relax the body and to prevent the crisis.

5. Magnesium bath

Magnesium - a mineral that has a calming effect on the nervous system of our body. The most common way to use - it supplements (tablets).

However, if you want a more rapid effect, you can make your own relaxing bath with salts of magnesium sulfate.

Simply add half cups (100 g) in a salt bath with hot water and sufficiently soak into it for about 20 minutes.

This procedure will calm and "revive" you, and you do not have to take any medicines or supplements.

6. Personal homeopathy (on request)

Homeopathy is a type of natural medicine that can solve health problems with it without any contraindications or side effects.

Of course, it would be better if a professional homeopath will consider your case and select appropriate tools for your particular ailment.

So you can always have it on hand to take at the first sign of symptoms of anxiety or just for prevention.

Thus, you see that you can cope with anxiety in different ways (good, enough of them), but it is important to take into account their individual characteristics and the presence of other health problems, it will help you choose the most suitable means.