6 habits of good relations in

Love relationships require us to a lot of effort. Happy couples do not only have fun. They have to constantly work on the formation of habits that are beneficial both to each partner separately, and their union.

This means that every day we need to try and make an effort to, as long as such habits become natural.

This is and chemical explanation: every year our body becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a certain level of dopamine in the brain.

In other words, not every day you will be satisfied from the relationship with the partner. But do not worry, there are good habits that can strengthen relationships and keep love.

1. Happy couples build friendships

Happy couples consist of two lovers who are at the same time and close friends. This is very important, because you do not always feel comfortable talking to certain topics with a partner.

Try to focus on a friendly relationship with your partner and talk to him as a friend. This will help you relax and trust that appears will be the first step towards a strong friendship.

Over time, a romantic mood disappear and sexual desire becomes calmer. Because of this relationship with a partner, we begin to seem monotonous and boring. Through friendship and sexual relationships are strengthened.

This is one of the key points which need to be addressed if we are to have a successful relationship with a partner. If he is to have a close friend, you will feel more comfortable, more comfortable and relaxed with him.

2. Appreciate the strangeness of each

Happy couples are able to appreciate and recognize the little oddities of each of the partners. When people love each other as a whole, with all its "small cockroaches", their share falls far more collaborative pleasant moments.

Think about it: if a man does not want to take your strange habits that are waiting for you in the future? Both partners need to learn to recognize and appreciate these features to each other, because they are part of their lives and emphasize the individuality of each of them.

With these strange habits every day becomes unique and joyful.

Here you need to be honest with yourself. If your partner has something that you do not like and that you can not even take, you need to think about whether you really want to be with this person.

Love does not put conditions and does not want another change. Keep this in mind.

3. Build a joint plans.

Happy couples know how to find time for being together. They easily manage to build joint plans for the coming day.

There will never be more than propose ideas for joint adventure or usual dinner in the restaurant.

To do this, you need to be able to organize their time and take into account the tastes and desires of each other. In this case, a good time is guaranteed.

Maybe your life is too intense, but it is always necessary to have time to focus on your relationship and the other person. The plans can be complex or simple, but in any case they should bring joy to each of you.

4. Know when to back off

In each pair, as if they well may be in place, there are conflicts. The idea is not to avoid them - it is impossible. The most important thing - to be able to step back in a conflict situation.

Happy couples know that the most important thing - to find the problem and resolve the conflict solution. Pride often keeps us back down and apologize. This is a big mistake: we must be able not only to argue, but to ask for forgiveness, cleansing the relationship of the harm caused to them.

Although swearing is nothing funny, in this world and not the end. We can not accept a quarrel with such pessimism. Leave quarrels and conflicts in the past and not stir it.

5. Get the pleasure of communicating with other people

If sometimes you want a break from your partner, do not worry: there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary.

Active social life allows you to have more experience and the fact that you can share. As a result, your conversations will never be boring.

It is not only possible, but is not fair - to expect that your partner will have fun just from communicating with you. Each of you needs to spend time with other people, family and friends.

It is also important to communicate with others, together with a partner. So, you can meet up with another couple or for a meal with my family.

If you have to dull dinner, together you will be easier for him to survive. Together, you will find more reasons to have fun and relax.

6. Remain soft and gentle

This is essential in order to remain happy couple's relationship. Show off your love with kisses and gentle touches, hold the hands, make love - seemingly simple things, but how much they mean.

It does not matter how long you have lived together. In any case, the relationship must always be a place of affection and tenderness.

These small tokens will remind each of you how important you are to each other. Thanks to them, your relationship is full of joy and enthusiasm.

Happy couple consists of individuals, each of whom is happy individually. They know how to have a good time and have fun both alone and with other people, feel satisfied and free, able to share with each other all of their concerns.