TOP-7 signs that you are obsessed with healthy eating

When we talk about eating disorders, they often think about anorexia and bulimia. However, a person may have an obsession with healthy eating or ortoreksiyu, which is destructive to the psyche, and its main symptoms, experts have told.

You constantly count calories. Whatever foods are not in front of you before you use them you think total number of calories obtained. This is one of the varieties of healthy food obsession, which is destructive to the psyche.

You are lost in grocery stores. The abundance of different foods on supermarket shelves can cause a state of mild bewilderment. You begin to painfully think, what products are organic and which are not, what eggs and butter are allowed and which are harmful. Before us is a classic symptom of ortoreksii.

Do you prefer to eat alone. Friends and relatives can not possibly evaluate your obsession with healthy eating. That's why you prefer not to eat in the company of other people who just do not deserve to sit with you at the same table.

Important for you to use, but not the taste. Victims ortoreksii do not care for the taste of food prepared for them is a top priority of their health benefits. If spinach makes you happy, and chocolate into a deep depression, but everything has to be exactly the opposite, then you have a clear obsession with healthy eating.

Thoughts about food cause an alarm condition. Actually, thinking about what you will soon sit down at the dinner table, should bring a smile and pleasant emotions, but not alarm. However ortoreksikov often worry about what will be dishes how useful they can get in the dining room, cafe or restaurant.

You do not give yourself any favors. Even the most rigid diet sometimes involves fasting days, in which a person can treat yourself to a chocolate cake or a sandwich. However, suffering from ortoreksii people will never allow themselves to relax.

Your self-esteem depends on the food. Ortoreksiki believe that the use of pure organic products makes them good people spiritually. If you feel like an illusion, then you obviously have a given disorder.